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Don't work for them. They work you then don't pay you. They take your previous work and detract the one you are working on from it. They say they didn't get your faxes and web work. They have you to run off the paper work on your projects. They don't reimburse you for the ink and paper. They say if you don't redo the work you want get future work. That means you have to use your gas again and return to all your projects to see what isn't right with what you have done. This is twice they have not paid me. They have the nerve to threaten you about your money you have already worked for.

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Wow there are a whole lot of companies you have problems with. Perhaps it is because you are doing merchandising. Doing mystery shopping there is only one company I have dumped over the years. As far as being dumped, I think that has happened twice--laughably once by a company for whom I had never done a single job!
I never had a single problem with CAST. They always took care of me, and even offered me extra when I would do a route covering half the state of Michigan for them.
Mix on this company.Got accepted to do same job at different stores. Guidelines and specifics about the job not given until job is designated. Length of time to perform work and get it correct described as an hour.
Calculated time to do work and complete accurately and honestly 3 + hours.
Canceled assignments.
I've done projects for them for the past several months. My biggest problem is the little pay they offer for the amount of work they want you to do.
I have worked for CAST for over 2 years as well as other companies, CAST is great they pay around 15th of the month, my check arrives at the end of the month. They pay very well at least $10 a hour sometimes a little more. It is not very hard either. peanut
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