Trend source shopper requirements?

I applied for Trend source an email stating to upload a headshot and do a background check. The check will come back clean, but was wondering if the shops they offer are worth it and can you give me a general idea what they mostly groceries,banks, dealerships etc?

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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IMHO it's not worth it. Their shops are very low paying and I've never done a single one. Most of the shops I see are printer and laptop shops. They do a lot of inspection audits too, which I've heard can pay more, but you need some training.
It is more like the more you do the better you get and the more you get asked. I am waiting for some shops that are going to take about two hours to drive too and I will ask for $150.00 in PAD money.
I think the background and headshots are for the audits. The simple grocery store and fast food don't require that.
A few years back, a gal posted that she did not care how much she was paid, as long as it arrived quickly and without any problems; she is the type of shopper for whom Trendsource is ideal. For me, though,, their work:pay ratio is unacceptable. They do, however, pay like clockwork and when I worked for them a decade in the past, there was nary a problem.
They do not pay well, but I like their shops. I often do a couple chains that they shop. No pix of the salad bar, no difficult timings. I am not interested in any of their inspections or audits and haven't done any. They pay very quickly.
They are a great company that has lots of jobs. Also they pay twice a month and they akways pay and pay on time. Lots of grocery store shops but if getting help paying on groceries bothers you then they also have audits that you can do and requires a business headshot and certification done on their site. They pay much more. So yeah its definitely worth it in my opinion.
I don't do the business audits, Never had to submit a headshot or do the background check. I do some simple grocery shops at a healthy grocery chain that I like.
I was doing their business and photo audits, when you figure $ per hour pay is very low. They are easy to complete.
You NEVER have to worry if and when they'll pay, like clockwork the 5th and 20th of each month. There shops are in my town and since I'm a grocery shopper anyway, I take advantage. We have gotten many more shoppers, so, between that and the fact they lost a few grocery's, work has not been plentiful, and I don't like the big box audits, they don't pay nearly enough, but they don't require much.

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As far as the headshots, I was not asked to submit a pic of my DL, but an in-law that I referred was asked to. Is it because of length of time we've been shopping for the company?

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The headshot is needed for the inspections, as when you do them you have a letter of authorization that has your picture on it. Which comes in handy as I was doing a house inspection once and a nosy woman called the police on me, because I wouldn't tell her why I was taking pictures. I had told her if it wasn't her property then I couldn't tell her what it was for.
I mainly do the audits as they only take 5-10 minutes at the most and the inspections up to 20 minutes depending on what you have to do. for me it is easy quick money.
My extended family member was asked for DL and she has not ever attempted to do any of the audits, and has no plan to in the future. She's just doing straight retail/restaurant shops.
Hmmmm. I guess things are changing. I have been with them for about 15 years and I never did the EIN, DL, or anything else that I have read other people have had to do.
I had to do the EIN and all the rest. They put the EIN in about when I applied.

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I have been with them since 2004, and when I first started they never asked for a background check or a headshot or EIN. I was asked in 2016 for a headshot and background. I have been doing the inspections since 2012.
They asked for the EIN and at first stated that no one who did not get an EIN would get shops. When I did said no, they dropped it. I still get shops.
They are now paying up to 17.00 for the big box audits, and still can't get them done. The business verification are 17.00, should be 50.00.

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TrendSource is awesome — I have a route of grocery shops I do, all with handsome PAD.

I completely echo what was said earlier — it took me about a year of solid shopping with them, and suddenly they opened up, started texting me avails, stopped messing around on the price — I don’t even have to ask anymore.

Once you get the hang of these they are super simple. I have a mental checklist of everything I do in the store, and once you get it down it’s easy.

They easily take care of 75% of my monthly grocery bill each month. They pay like clockwork. The online form is bulleted and the narrative is literally 1-2 sentences. They are great... just make sure it’s in by midnight the same day smiling smiley

I haven't paid for my own groceries in a year. When I was laid up and unable to do their grocery shops, it killed me to have to pay for groceries.
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