Payment was taken care of, thank you.

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I have done numerous shops for them and have always been paid/reimbursed on time; I think it is about one month after the job completion. Thanks for the heads up thou.
My experience with SQM has always been stellar. Indeed, if every firm was as well run as they seem to be, the industry would be far better off.
I have never had any issue with SQM, I only do the flight shops though. They usually reverse the charges sooner than a month after but at the very latest within a month. They are super responsive and helpful as well. I mean last time I did one (in July) they were updating me on the status of my flight, which had been delayed well before the airline had posted it on the site or at the airport. They will respond immediately to me as well. This appears to be a fluke and I am sorry this is happening to you. I have shopped for them very frequently and recently and have never had an issue.
Same here, totally agree. I am very surprised to hear this about them. I have nothing but good things to say. It sounds like this is a fluke, and hopefully they can resolve it quickly for the shopper.
@helpmehelpyou wrote:

Then you are lucky, they have never paid within one month its two months or longer.

Two months from when? From when you completed the task? If so, then expecting payment before a month is up would be expecting them to pay early rather than on-time. Here are their payment terms, direct from their website.
@ wrote:

Invoices are to be submitted by the 5th of the month following the month during which the assignments were completed.
The cheques/direct deposits will be processed between the 25th and 30th of the month. [e.g. if you completed three assignments in September, your cheque is processed between the 25th and 30th of October (providing that we have received a web submitted invoice).]

Don't forget too that if you are in the United States, two weeks for mail to arrive from Canada is not unusual.
@Lisannez wrote:

I have never had any issue with SQM, I only do the flight shops though. They usually reverse the charges sooner than a month after but at the very latest within a month.
Their terms call for flight reverasals to be made 17 after trip completion (3 day for the shopper to submit the report and then f14 days from them to review and process).

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It probably was 17 days I did not count. So long as its reimbursed before I get charged interest on my card I’m fine so a month is fine.
The issue was resolved and while I am happy to hear that no one else has had any issues, that was not my case. They are the nicest people, I agree completely.

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It is definitely the worst when you have to wait and ask for the payment. I suggest not to do the shops that one cannot afford, in case that something goes wrong. MSC will not reimburse you for CC interest fees, foreign fee or currency exchange loss when doing international shop, for example.
It was a favor for the scheduler in hopes of getting a shop I really wanted, or I would not have. Thank you though, I know that I should say no next time.
Yeah I know what you mean. It is hard to say NO and you end up feeling dumb for not saying NO, cos you could have, noone forces yoi (speaking of my own experience and getting upset lol) I did my first shop for Regal, about $1,300 out of the pocket. It will be 90 days next week...they should pay within 90 days. A little nervous, maybe more than a little cos they didn't respond to my email from Friday; but not getting crazy about it yet lol
Don't worry about Regal, they will pay within the 90 days, but with Regal one expects that, it was just so unexpected from SQM, but all is well. Your money will come, Regal are nice and you can email and double check that its coming if you are worried.
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