Grocery shops MA/NH

I'm new to shopping and am struggling to find MSCs offering grocery shops in northern MA/southern NH. Can anyone offer me any suggestions? Thanks.

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People on this board say Aldi is shopped and there are a few stores in southern NH. However, I have never seen it on the job board for the MSC I thought did them, so maybe the NH stores are not shopped. The major chains (Market Basket, Shaw's, Hannaford's, Stop and Shop) are not shopped. There is a smaller chain on the North Shore called Cosby's Market, which was once shopped. I just check the MSC who shopped them and I don't see them on their job board. I have not been checking that particular MSCs job board recently, so I don't know if Crosby has stopped their shopping program or whether all the shops have been taken for this month.
Marketforce has grocery shops in the Northeast. Don't know if they are in your area.

Best of luck. I LOVE grocery shops -- keeps my food costs to zero!

I have also done grocery shops for NorthFork and The Source (Trendsource). Don't know if they're in your area.

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Thanks so much. I am already signed up with Northfork and will try Trendsource (although I have in my notes from 2012 that they require tax ID). I was set up with MF in 2012 but haven't down any shopping since then and am trying to get my login to work!

Never heard of Crosbys. I know Trader Joe's are shopped and I think I've heard Whole Foods might be, but I also know I can't ask for the MSC. Sounds like our regular chains aren't shopped based on eclark3 (those are all my regular stores).

If anyone else has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. For that matter, if you have any favorites in this local area, that would be great as well! I'm doing the sign up for a bunch thing, but so many aren't around here at all...
I'm not sure what you mean by tax you mean the EIN? It's free from IRS; IIRC, you can get it on the website (I mean apply for it), then it arrives in the mail.
Yes. EIN is the same as tax ID #. I know it isn't hard, but I'm not sure I want to set it up that way at this point.
As for Marketforce login not working, if you signed up with them 6 years ago and never did a shop, you MAY have been removed from their shopper database.

You might try applying again.
I am signed up with Trendsource and never got the EIN and I am able to do shops for them.

@jewelbeth wrote:

Yes. EIN is the same as tax ID #. I know it isn't hard, but I'm not sure I want to set it up that way at this point.
Trandsource only needs an EIN if you hit $600 in pay (not reimburseables). I got mine pretty much instantly online for free.
Actually, there's lots of pluses to having an EIN. It is more secure than your social security number. Your 1099 from The Source will show your EIN; there's a place on Schedule C for you to put it, too, for IRS purposes. (I might be wrong about that; it may be somewhere else on your tax return.) Also, if you ever apply for any kind of state or city licenses (you're a business now!) they may ask for it in order to be licensed.
Thank you all! I appreciate everyone being so willing to help!

I'm setup again with MF (you were right, I had been taken out of system). They had one shop about 30 mins away for $3 pay/$5 rieimbursmenr. Unfortunately, a little too far for that pay.

Don't see any grocery shops with Alta 360, but I'll keep looking.

Haven't had a chance to look again at the source. That will be a tomorrow job!
One chain of Market Force grocery shops are just wasted space on their job board in my area. Sometimes it's only the reimbursement. The other chain is acceptable when bonused because it's so easy. Maritz used to have a grocery client for a chain in upstate NY which I think is also in the states you asked about.
Thanks! I see one with MF now, but it is still 25 minutes away which isn't worth it for the pay. Maybe I can grab it with some other things in that area. At least I know to look for it now.
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