I’m fairly new, started last May. Been working with the same 4 companies most paying decent and paying out quickly except one company .

Anyways I’ve been a nurse for 25 years and I know how facility’s work, what’s accepted in having outside companies coming into their facility.

I went for TrendSource last week to a Assisted Living facility. Speaking with the receptionist at the front entrance asking about where this particular event was being held. I had walked around looking for “ Medicare Advantage “ table or even conference room. According to the schedule both calendar and on their books no such event be it a table or conference room was happening that day or any day forward as of yet. I stayed 20 minutes filling out paperwork and taking photos. Sent the required paperwork back in. THEN two days later I get a message back saying I didn’t stay long enough and there not paying me. Pisses me off!! I know I should have stayed 30 minutes but since it’s a facility and not a library or grocery store, etc I really thought the company see the reasoning.

Am I just wrong? Suck it up buttercup?

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IMHO, you are wrong. Always read the guidelines and always follow them. The guidelines for these TrendSource shops say you must stay 30 minutes. That means that, having read the guidelines, you should know that staying less than 30 minutes is not acceptable. I'm sorry to hear you won't be paid - I've had a few times when I've goofed and not been paid and it feels bad (like the time I shopped the wrong location! Boy! Did I feel dumb!) Next time kill 10 minutes - bathroom visit, playing on cell phone while acting like you are texting something important, make a phone call, anything to be busy and kill time. Or if you read the guidelines and you don't think you can comply with the guidelines, don't take or cancel the shop. But always comply with the stated requirements. When the guidelines specify a requirement, it's something agreed on with the client. If a shopper doesn't comply with the requirements, the MSC can't submit the shop to the client and get paid, so the shop is declined and the shopper doesn't get paid.
This happened to me last year with Trendsource, except the Medicare event was supposed to be at an apartment complex for the elderly. No one showed up. I stayed 35 minutes, because the guidelines stated stay a minimum of 30 minutes. I also used my date/time stamped photos of the outside of the building that showed what time I arrived and what time I left, so they had assurance I was there the required time. I was paid.

I'm sorry this happened to you, but you MUST follow all guidelines given to you if you want to be paid. At least you are not out any money. Turn this into a positive learning experience.
I'be done many for them, the last was recent and 2 people showed, which cut down the time of questioning afterwards....I got paid with no backlash.

Live consciously....
I completed my first Medicare assignment in 2007 for $55 + mileage. 11 years later, Trendsource is paying a straight $15 in Ohio and not having any trouble filling those slots. This begs the question: Are people that desperate for money or activities? Although I have not accepted such work in a few years, this due to ever declining fees, I have logged in excess of 100 such shops and they seem to have all lasted at least an hour. Add in the prep, drive time, expenses and report, to paraphrase Clara Peller, she of the burger commercials, "Where's the profit?"
Ignoring the guidelines because you know better than the client and the MSC is a one way ticket to nowhere in the business of MS. Don't like the guidelines; don't take the shop or return it as soon as you see the guidelines.

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I had a formal event and the agent never showed up. I took pictures of the exterior, got a business card from the hostess and took pictures of the empty table where the agent was supposed to have the projector/tablet set up. I stayed 35 minutes as well. I was paid. smiling smiley The reason they do this is, to allow for the agent who might be running late to make it near the start time.
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