has anyone worked with Mercantile Systems ?

I am wondering if anyone has worked with Mercantile Systems ? What was your experience like? Did they mail your pay with your written assignment before it was completed? or Did they pay you after it was completed?

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I've performed a lot of jobs with Mercantile Systems. I've never received a check until like a month after I performed my job and it was accepted. Did you receive a check and haven't performed a job yet?

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Yes I did and it was kind of strange. They asked me to deduct my wages first and then use the remaining money
to buy an item during the shop? Does this sound right? Or do you think I am being scammed? I am new to this so I am not sure what is normal for a mystery shopper?
The forum experts have replied to this type of scam over and over. You can do a search of this forum with the word "scam" and find tons of threads about this.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
Regarding Mercantile Systems also when I do a google search for their website there are several different ones.
One of the sites my antivirus software blocked. So I was wondering can you tell me what Mercantile Website is the REAL one for that company? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
I am sorry you are going through this. There are a lot of scams out there using real companies to make the scam look legit. I have never received payment before doing a job.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.

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Yes, it's a real website and real company. I don't know which site you are accessing but, this is the right one. [mercsystems.com]

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
Mercantile Systems is a legitimate company but the check you received is not from them. The scenario you describe is a scam. Do not cash the check. You are looking at real trouble if you do.

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I completed a single shop for this MSC in Aug. of 2007. Even with purchasing the least expensive menu items, the reimbursement amount was insufficient to cover the job requirements by $8+. I was to be paid net 45, but it took 101 days, several phone calls and the scheduler's intervention before my check arrived; I requested my deactivation. A few years later, I was contacted by a different scheduler who requested a second chance for the company; I refused to grant that action.
Mercantile is a real company but this is a pretender using the Mercantile name to scam you.

Ask yourself: why would a legitimate company send a check to a stranger before any work is performed? In addition, without collecting your SS# or EIN, how could they report your income? They don't want your SS or EIN because they are not paying you, they are scamming you.

Mercantile is a legitimate company but they do NOT send checks in the mail to someone who has not already performed work. SCAM. The check they sent you will bounce and your bank will want the whole amount back - from you. To add insult to injury, I've heard many times the bank closes the victim's account.

Common sense should tell you that it's a definite scam. Besides all the other red flags, simply the amount of money they are paying should be a tip-off. Most mystery shops pay $5-$30. Why would anyone pay a stranger a large fee for a job which requires no skill, training, or expertise - how much pay per hour does the fee they sent you work out to? And what is the minimum wage? "Oh, my! I can work at Walmart for $11 an hour or I can get a big check in the mail and cash it and perform an easy job." Hmmmmmm
Mercantile was one of my first companies 12 years ago and I still work for them. They pay by check about 6 weeks after job is done. I have high regards for them, relationships with their schedulers, who are the nicest.
Never had a problem, they always work with you. I do their famous restaurant and new home developments +
a couple other jobs. There are many scams using real MSC's names out there, no one pays before working.

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Hi everyone, my name is Kate and I am a scheduler with Mercantile. We are a legitimate mystery shopping company with several dining, storage and hotel shops.

We have been made aware that there is a scam going around using our name and logo. Please note what you received in the mail is a scam, and was not sent by Mercantile Systems. Please do not follow any of the requests.

Could you please take a picture or scan what you received in the mail so we can report this. You may email it to operations@mercsystems.com.

Thanks and I am very sorry about the inconvenience.

Thank you!

Kate Rattner, Mystery Shop Scheduler


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I love Merchantile.smiling smiley But OP this check you received is fraudulent! Mystery Shopping companies NEVER pay you in advance! If this check was large, (like a couple thousand dollars) it's a SCAM! The check is fake and the money "you send off to somewhere else" is part of the scam and it's the scammer who gets that money. Your bank will remove that amount from your account!
I will definitely vouch for Mercantile. I am fairly new and recently did my first bar shop with them. It was the worst shop that I have ever done. I forgot to take many of the required pictures, did not get a required receipt, etc. I am usually very thorough and have 10/10 rating with most MSCs. One of the editors called me for clarification and I was expecting that my shop would be rejected. Instead, she was very pleasant and understanding. I would highly recommend Mercantile.
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