Trendsource/ MSI sign-up?

I am new to Mystery Shopping and am trying to sign up for Trendsource/ MSI mystery shopping but cannot find the correct place to sign up. I am worried about scams so I am being extra cautious. I am confused because there are so many names involved- Trendsource/ MSI/ The Source? Can someone post the correct link for mystery shopping sign-up? Thanks!

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Hey sminch! Welcome to the Forum. Go to this is legitimate, and you can sign up there. Also, if you want to sign up with more legitimate companies, at the bottom of every page on this Forum is a link to many other companies you can sign up with. Good luck!
Here is the link for Trendsource, now called "The Source", although many of us here on the Forum still call it Trendsource: []
Try, The Source, Agent login on Google, They dropped Trend in there name. But to warn you they will give you a price but then shop around to get lower price from shoppers then bounce you.
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