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I have a question for whoever works for they have an age requirement. I have assigned for their furniture shop, didn't get it and now for a restaurant in my town that has been on the board forever and not getting it. I would just like to know why, if they have an age requirement, that's fine, just tell me so I won't wast my time.

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Irene, thanks for the tip. I just found a buffet type restaurant listed near me in SoCal. Not sure if it is the same one you mentioned. I did not see any age requirement so will see if I get it for this Thursday.
I don't think they have a age requirement, unless it explicitly says so when you apply. Their schedulers take forever to approve applications and that's why it usually looks like the shop has been on the board forever. Another shopper in your area probably just applied for the shop earlier than you did.
Last time I did a restaurant/buffet shop for them and I applied 30 seconds after I got an email from the scheduler. Didn't get approved for the shop until almost 2 weeks later...the day before the date I chose to complete the shop.
I know who has the furniture shop account (unless they changed it). She doesn't work on weekends. She tries my patience actually, but I deal with it.

The restaurant scheduler worked on Thursday night because I got mine on Friday morning for Friday night. I think that they are all sitting until Monday. don't live in my town, so we're not competing. I applied for tomorrow (Sunday) and it's still on the board.

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I don't think so...I did a lot of work for Bare last summer, so I can self assign most jobs from them
No, being it's the weekend and the job is due today, you'd think someone would check, it's still on the board.

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I think the beginning of the month, schedulers are less worried about the posted deadline. It’s a goal at this point. You can reapply and note the dates you can work.

I try with all companies to review my pending applications and resubmit after a day or two.
I also did the buffet shop a few months ago. I applied well in advance of the shop date...then spent two or three weeks answering questions about could i go on sat or sun as the shop was then, next day, could i go on a weekday as the shop was then, next day could i go for dinner, next day could i go for lunch. It got to just three or four days before the shop and I had answered questions covering every minute of every day. I wrote the scheduler and asked if she thought I would get the job as I needed to make plans for the day of the job. Finally about two days before the shop it was assigned. The job had no specific day or time requirements listed at all. I had to email the scheduler again after all her questions to make sure I was reading the lack of time slot wrong.
Anyway Irene I would not worry about the age question. Usually It seems to be job specific when there is an age requirement, not msc specific. But after my experience with that last job I felt I spent way too much time on email to get the job.
Ipsos knows how to do it right, comparing this thread and my post to a super nice scheduler texting me to see
if I can do a job, I answer yes, I'll do it tomorrow/today, take the test and get it for today with a small bonus. Whole thing took a couple hours. Bare, that's how to get jobs filled......oh did I mention, my job with Bare is still sitting on their board, could have been done Sunday with no bonus...sad smiley

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@kenasch wrote:

Mine for this Thursday still sitting as well.
It's possible that they are waiting to assign shops if the editors are too backed up.
ACL does this. So does IPSOS and Maritz.

Sometimes, I "refresh" my application by cancelling it and applying again. That sometimes works.
Same here, my application is no longer, but they changed the date on the second one....guess they have time, but now (just to be stubborn) I'll ask for a bonus due to the time I've spent, I don't expect to get the job.
I work a lot with Ipsos and get jobs within a couple days, or I'm texted if they need it now, never had a problem.

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Be careful on the buffet shop. The photos listed in the instructions don't all match the photos required on the report. I did one last round and was surprised once I started to upload that I did not have every photo that was needed.

That being said, it was one of the easiest dining reports I have ever done.
I didn't assign for the buffet, nor see it here...still waiting (way too long), I'm busy starting tomorrow, so guess it's a no go for me.

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SoCalMamma - thanks for the tip, if I get this shop assigned I’ll be sure to check the photos carefully on the report itself.

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Both my shops are now gone, someone else was a better judge of a good meal, I'm the biggest foodie on earth...

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