Trendsource....I miss them

I miss working for these guys. Extraordinary firm with superb people. I really miss them!!!

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Why do you miss them? Did they stop shopping in your area? Or did you do something for them to pull the plug on you? Curious.
Some minor misunderstandings that I hope will be cleared up. Don't want to get into the details (it would be unethical).

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And I am bored reading your response. jbaetke. How low did you have to stoop to reach your keyboard?

rardon. Anyone who shops for any period of time goes through this. I hope this issue resolves itself. If not, smile and move on...smiling smiley

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
From my own experience with that company -- the schedulers and the editors make internal notes on your profile. They can basically blacklist internally without you ever knowing what is going on.

Usually, not always, that person does not last long in the company or someone will notice a pattern emerging.

For example, I did a Business Verification. The address was a single family house. I took photos of the house to include the address clearly visible on the house. Someone internally sent me an email and did a phone call yelling and screaming at me that I went to a house instead of a business.

Well, uh, duh? I clearly identified that the address given to me was for a residence. Took pictures that clearly showed the address on the house matched my report. I googled earth the address and sure enough the same house showed up. I used my GPS to make sure I went to the correct place. I even photographed the business card which had the same address.

The person worked out of their home. *eye roll* But the employee black listed me for going to a "house".

Someone else unblacklisted me.

Give it some time, ask for more information. Maybe say you don't know how to perform better for them if you don't understand what they didn't like?
jbaetke Wrote:
> Why post this? I'm bored reading your post with
> zero details.

A rather arrogant and intolerant response from a newbie. If the topic wasn't to your liking then click out and move on to something else.

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