GigSpot/Alta 360 HELP ASAP

Hi I have a friend who is a new shopper. She signed up for a job through GigSpot with Alta 360. She has done the shop and now cannot enter the report because when she clicks on the arrow in GigSpot it sends her to the Alta 360 login page. But she never signed up with Alta360 directly so does not have a working password for Alta. Her GigSpot password will not work on the Alta page. . Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? My friend is not terrifically tech savvy so she may be missing something simple. She is trying to get this report done by midnight so any immediate help you can give would be greatly appreciated I will forward you anything you say onto her. Thank you.

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I recently emailed GigSpot and had them delete my account so I could go to Alta360 and sign up with them because I as well as others had so many issues with GigSpot. When I had issues with the app I was able to go to and get my report submitted. Is she trying the app or the website?
Good question. As I was posting this, she hit something and hey, presto the survey came up. I use GigSpot for Strategic Reflections; their simple reports for their clients pose no problems. I would’ve used it for Alta360, but have worked for them for years and if I wanted to use a GigSpot for their client, I’d have to retake the certification test. Thanks for your suggestion.
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