A Customer's Point of View wants ID emailed to them?

I got an email from A Customer's Point of View saying that as of March they would have to have our driver's license on file or they could not offer us shops anymore. When I emailed the person who sent the email and asked how to get them my ID, they said to just email it to them. The original email said that there was nothing to worry about because it was a secure system, but emailing my id to an individual does not seem secure. Is this a scam?

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Look at your profile on their website and see if they have added a place to upload a scan of you driver's license.

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I would email your ID. Upload. myst4au is correct. I have had to send my license to a number of places.

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I get this for age-related shops. What is their purpose otherwise? And, what if you're the shopper who uses public transportation?

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

(Yes, I stole Hoju's tagline.)
This is for identification purposes. Most states provide an ID that looks similar to a drivers license to non-drivers. The MSC will accept this ID instead of a drivers license. I've provided my ID to several MSCs. I prefer to upload but I have emailed my ID. I'm less worried about providing my ID than I am about giving out my SS#.
Ah, okay. I get it for ID. OP had specifically said Driver's License, which I thought was odd.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

(Yes, I stole Hoju's tagline.)
Definitely not a scam, I also shop with A Customer's Point of View and they explained to me why we have to send in I.D.'s now and its only for payment purposes with regard to the IRS. Because they are paying people and people are putting this company of their tax forms after so much money accrued, they have to start verifying their shoppers because of so man people creating fake shopper profiles; the IRS is making them provide verification of shopper identities
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