Intellishop Home/Work Address Verification

I haven't been getting e-mails of available shops and Intellishop support hasn't helped.

I checked my Intellishop profile and notice a field showing "Home/Work Address Verification". It states in red "Address not verified".

When I click the update button, it opens a new window with my address pin pointed in a Google map with latitude and longitude. It then shows this information below:

"If the above location is correct, click Yes.

If not, drag the map pin to the correct location and click Yes to save it

Otherwise, click No to update via the GeoVerify app
After updating your address on the map, please update your profile to match"

I've tried clicking yes and also entering a new GeoVerify number and still can't get it to show as verified.

My physical address is correct in the profile as is my e-mail address.

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I am having the same problem for IPSOS US (FORMERLY GFK US). I am going to say that it could be that your address as is mine is not recognized by the US Postal Service according to my Post Master. If you have given them a GOOD mailing address do not worry. I am guessing that this is for sending and reporting to the IRS.
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