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Yes I know they say up front payment is 90 days, I guess I just thought "oh surely they dont really wait that long" WRONG, they do. They owe me such a small amount of money that its not really about that. I just dont see a single reason to make anyone wait 3 months for payment for any job.

Its sad because they have shops in my area they cant fill and a simple thing like paying people could turn that around fast. If I ever get paid for the job I did in November I will be happy but it will no longer be a company I take on jobs with sad smiley

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There was briefly a letter from their CEO regarding payment speedups on the front page of their website, though it has disappeared and the text regarding payment is "60 days from the end of the month in which you did the work". Yeah, 3 months is a long wait.
"The rest of the October shops will be paid by January 12th or sooner. Sorry for delay. Thank you."

This accompanied my PayPal notice from SS for shops done the third week of October. Payment was made in slightly less than 90 days.
At least they include on our shop log, the day they did pay. No more worrying after the 60-90 days are up.
They have updated their payment schedule, if your still having a problem, email: Payment is now due in 60 days.

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Irene_L.A. Wrote:
> They have updated their payment schedule, if your
> still having a problem, email:
> Payment is now due
> in 60 days.

Dang-they're speeding up. Just got one in under 60d-48 days to be precise. Amazing!
All my clothing is wash and wear. Most of there shops seems to be another type of cleaning clothes. I don't if anybody now-a-days does anything with clothes but W and W.

My spouse and I should probably go out more often so we can have our clothes clean by another method.

I have done one shop for them and 90 days did seem like a long time until the check came. But they don't offer much in my area. I enjoy working for them.
I use the cleaners now and then, mostly for wool clothes, coats and slacks, however, my beef is they advertise a $75.00 reimburement, however, your only allowed to bring in three items and one for laundry, total reimbursement around $12.00. Where do they get $75.00 from?

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Your not allowed to bring in that stuff, they especially say, one man's shirt for laundry missing a button, slacks with a spot on them and easy clothes, no, my furs wouldn't be

Live consciously....
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