Luxury Retail Shopping Companies?

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ICA (Independent Contractor Agreement) prevents us from discussing both Client and MSC together. The information you requested is discussed in the new shopper threads listed on this forum.

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@Mhcb wrote:

Hi there, I just joined the group from NYC smiling smiley Wanted to see if anyone knows of companies that specialize in hiring secret shoppers for luxury retail in NYC? The brands I would most love to secret shop for are Sephora, Nordstrom, saks, etc. thanks so much in advance!

We mere shoppers are not allowed to link the names of clients and MSCs. It violates our independent contractor agreements and forum rules. However, if you look at the boards in this forum where MSCs post their jobs and/or recruit shoppers for their assignments, you will find at least one post that contains information that might help you in your search. Good luck! smiling smiley

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And if you are not an experienced mystery shopper, please be aware that you may have to pay your dues (i.e., shop some less stellar brands) before you see the "plum" jobs you are looking for!
Department stores are not usually shopped, other than a specific brand inside a store. Same with Sephora.
Shopping luxury stores is more of a hobby than a job. They might pay $30, but usually there is a parking issue (lots of time to find a spot and not reimbursed). It also takes me an additional 30 minutes to "prep" for these assignments. AKA are my nails done, is my make-up perfect, am I wearing the right jewelry, am I wearing something expensive and current? etc. Lots of work looking rich. All of my 1% friends look rich. It's a rare person who would go in an drop $2K for a bag or $30K for a watch that shows up in flip flops and jeans. (Spare me the anecdotal stories please.)

You could string 4-5 of these into a set, but plan on 2 hours to report that mess.
Hello NYC. I am at the other side of the country. There are several msc that do what you call luxury brands of cosmetics out here but often the shops on one coast are shopped by a different company . As Ceasesmith mentioned you do have to "pay your dues." I have shopped several times for one of the companies I shop for and they still have not awarded me a shop where I get reimbursement. Be aware that the majority of the shops for cosmetics/beauty products do not pay for the product. You do the shop, report on your experience and get paid a small amount in cash, usually not enough to buy anything significant at the counter with your cash fee. Many of these shops are on the invitation only list where after you work for a msc for a while and do a great job on reports they will contact you about a beauty related shop which is upscale. For some of the shops in this area they are looking for certain age groups and income levels to qualify.
So if you enjoy just the shopping experience of these brands and are ok with not making a reimbursed product then look for them. If you are thinking of getting reimbursed for a purchase that will take working your way up to that.
I took it to mean that they just joined the forum and they are from the New York City area.

@Niner wrote:

What do you mean that you "just joined the group from NYC?"

@Mhcb wrote:

Thank you all so much for the info and advice!!!

Mhcb if you are serious about getting started mystery shopping, pm me with your email and I will send you a detailed article on how to go from fast food shops to fine dining and airline shops. Mind you, it still requires that you "pay your dues" as there are only a few ways to skip steps (Excellent writer, quick reporter, MSC in dire need, etc.)

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I have shopped all the stores you (OP) mentioned, and since you named the store, not sure I can tell you the company. They are my favorite and have been doing them in Beverly Hills for years. Many cosmetics and either handbag or clothing, two jobs in same store, so parking at their lot works...the salesgirl will validate even without purchase. Having made $120.00 for doing four jobs taking 2 hours total, wouldn't say no money can be made. They do want experienced shoppers and upscale retail experience helps. Having been a "Shopper" before becoming a shopper was my experience, so, it's fun without the expense. You can get a parking job to cover pkg. expenses. Good luck.

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Hi there. I’m new from NYC as well and I’d love it if you shared that insight with me.

Embarrassingly I can’t figure out how to PM on this site. :-/

If you don’t mind passing your knowledge along please let me know how to get my info to you.

Thank you!
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