Trendsource - I need technical help.

I use the mobile app a lot. I have never been able to get the Mobile Checkin to work, but have never really worried bout it. I just accepted a shop that says Mobile Checkin is mandatory. I've tried everything I know but it still does not work. I was told it would not work with geoVerify so I removed that from my phone and it did not help. The messages I get say that the mobile app was unable to get me location because I have not allowed my GPS to allow it. It say please set the GPS to allow this. I have an iPhone 7 and can not find anything that mentions the GPS, Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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On an iPhone, you need to enable location access. I searched Google, and found many answers. Here is a link that I followed (and which is safe): []

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Thank you soo much. I knew there was somewhere to do that, but I guess I had brain block. It works perfectly. I had the Trendsourse app set to Never!
You can have both on your phone. I have an android and use both GEO Verify for some shops and Mobile Check In with The SOURCE.

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Just goes to prove I made the right decision when I did not do Apple, Although the spousal unit has one and keeps asking me for help and I just say google it.

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Look for a setting that says 'allow Location' under the permissions tab. I have a Galaxy S10, and used to have an S5, and both phones worked great with the Trendsource App AND Geoverify. You have to be in the parking lot before you hit the CheckIn button. Otherwise it wont accept it. Good Luck!
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