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I just received a check in the mail to be a secret shopper for Walmart 4 over 1000 dollars and I'm on SSI only $370 it supposed to be for my purpose well I lose my SSI if I was to be a secret shopper how can I find out if this company is a fraud

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Trust me, it's a fraud. The check is fake. If you deposit it, your bank might not catch it right away, but about 10 days later you will be in a lot of trouble. Mystery shopping companies do not pay in advance for work not completed and it usually only pays about $15 per assignment. You do the work and get paid about a month later.
ANY unsolicited check in the mail is fraud. Everyone will tell you this. Everyone will tell you this because it is true. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Ignore it, shred it, move on. Not worth your time.
Whether it's secret shopping, or some other "work", just realize no one ever gets paid before they do the actual work. They don't know you. Why would a company trust a stranger? Be safe.
This is a scam. Take the check and other material to the post office and have them report it to the US Postal Inspector Or call the US Postal Inspector yourself. You can try reporting it to the police, but they are likely just going to tell you how lucky you are to have avoided being fleeced.

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