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Yes. They provide a board listing of shops, guidelines, and reporting for a variety of different mystery shopping providers, all in the same place..
You don't have a large check from them for work you haven't done yet, do you? Because if you do it's not from them. You are being scammed.
I Secret Shop is a scheduling company not a MSC.

I have done multiple bowling, phone store and dining shops booking through them. I have been paid for every one of them.

The checks I received were from the MSCs that I actually did the shops for, not I Secret Shop.

I wouldn't shy away from taking any of their shops.
@RMurp007 wrote:

Yes, I have worked for them for years. They pay on time and the reports are easy.

No. You have worked for some of the MSCs which utilized the iSS platform. Those firms may have paid you on time, but iSS did not pay you at all. And there is no reason to infer that one MSC which utilizes iSS is as creditworthy as another firm which uses iSS.
@KellyMac wrote:

Do you know if iSecret Shop is a legitimate company?

KellyMac, can you tell us why you ask? The reason I question is that it would be unusual to get a solicitation from a company with whom one did not sign up (red flag for scam!) There is a legitimate company called isecretshop, but it is a software platform rather than a mystery shopping company, so shoppers do not perform shops for isecretshop nor are they paid by isecretshop. If you were contacted by a company called iSecretShop and asked to perform shops for them, it is likely a scam. If you were sent a check in advance of performing any work, that is almost certainly a scam. If payment offered is more than $25, it is likely a scam.

So, the quick answer is Yes, isecretshop is a legitimate company. But, depending on why you are asking, the iSecretShop you are dealing with may NOT be the legitimate company and you are perhaps being scammed. You didn't provide enough info to know which.
I have used them for years and never had a problem getting paid from any company they represent.
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