VCA Animal Hospital Shops


Does anyone know which mystery shopping company is doing the VCA Animal Hospital Shops? A company called Secret Shopper used to list the shops available. The pay was reimbursement up to $100 plus a fee of $10 or $25 to type up the report online.

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I have- I'll see if I can find it

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I get those e-mailed to me several times a week, but haven't paid attention to who they are from. I will let you know the next time I get one.

Remember, the confidentiality agreements we sign with most MSPs prohibit giving out the names of clients shopped by the MSPs. Also - note our new forum guidelines to the right of each post. Very good ones, I think. In addition to requesting honesty and positive contributions, the guidelines note: "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies." While we can share general information with other shoppers, we need to be careful with revealing which MSP shops which client. SteveSoCal explained this well when he commented that PMs and posts in open forum should not contain the MSPs and their client names. []
I have not seen them the last few months. They are not on the board every month, come up periodically.
I have done a couple of these. Mine were thru Secret Sh@@per. They always pay in within 60 days and are a good company to shop for. No problems here.
I also live around dozens of those particular vets, so I'm bombarded with shops for them.

I'm willing to take the shop but the cat refuses to do them anymore.....
I have done them for the past three or four years through SecretSh00per, but they are gone from Massachusetts now, for about the past 9 months.

I have 5 cats and 2 dogs and these really helped my annual vet budget!

Does anyone know where the VCA shops have gone now (a year and one half after the original post)?


Michelle in Massachusetts
Geez, your ICAs, will you? And if you refuse to do so, scroll up a bit and read AustinMom's post.
I agree! No client names and MSC names in the same post/thread people!

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Have not seen VCA vet shops in the NYC tri state area for several months.

Try contacting the client and ask if they can forward your contact info to their new msc( hopefully there is one).
I asked the msc that was doing them if they still were about a month ago. They told me they were. So I waited all last month and did not see any, now I am waiting this month. A while back they were doing them only once every quarter or so. My poor dog is going to get Rabies without her shot if I have to wait any longer. You shoppers out there with dogs, no worry, I am sure as soon as I break down and pay for a vet visit and the shots oop they will show up again the next day. So just hang on a few weeks more as I am giving up on SS soon.
Oh, and Karen, I DID read AustinMom's post - it is nearly 18 months old. I was looking for updated information...which is why I posted.

Sorry I am not familiar with all your "lingo," but I followed the posting style of the original poster. If you were offended, which I infer from your reply, I apologize.

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