Grocery shops

I was told on my grocery shops in the comment was everthing fresh explain I needed to answer different for each store. I mostly was putting everything appeared fresh.Now Iam trying to think of ways to answer that are different, thinking up things to say like the apples looked very fresh and appealing as did the plums.This sure takes a lot of time spent a hour on a shop today starting to wonder if its worth it.

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Look up synonyms for "Fresh" and "Appealing." Use them and alter the sentences slightly. Voila! Entirely new comments! I use the computer's thesaurus when I can't think of just the right words on my own.

I tend on such things to develop 3 descriptor sequences so that the sameness does not bore me, the editor or the client to death. Clean, fresh and colorful. Fresh, colorful and appealing. Organized, attractive and fresh. etc
You can vary the beginnings of the sentences too - "Everything was..." / "The products were..." / "The produce items were..." etc.

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I put together a list of adjectives to use for these questions. I do try to change my sentences but there's no way to remember each answer when you complete several of these shops each month.
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