Grocery store Midwest

Did Second To None lose the grocery store shop? All gone from the board. Anyone see them elsewhere?

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Oh wow yes they appear to be gone. I want to say this was the time of year they changed MSCs a few years ago so maybe they will pop up somewhere.

This is a small regional (but very nice grocery that is in two states I know of, maybe 3-4. At any rate there are very few of these stores so shoppers outside of this area would likely never heard of them.

I am in Ohio.

None of this chain there. Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and a couple others.
I'm in SC, and there is a small, regional chain here that is shopped by this MSC. In my area, they are on the board and bonused. I just did one last week.

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I spoke to STN they are redoing the questionnaire. The project is on hold for a little while. It will be coming back.

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Oh thank you Brian for asking! I thought maybe I was taken off the rotation or something but I had not had the chance to ask. I loved doing these grocery store shops. Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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