Mystery Shopping Providers

Anyone heard of this company or work for them? They came up in a google search and I can't find any info on them. I'm not gonna sign up with a company without some type of positive feedback. They could be scammers or maybe they are just known by a different name.

Any feedback would help. Thanks.

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I think perhaps you have found "Mystery Shopping Providers Association", referred to here more often as MSPA It is the trade association of the companies that hire shoppers as independent contractors to do mystery shopping. They do not offer shops themselves. More than likely if there is a Mystery Shopping Providers that wants you to register as a shopper to work for them it is a scam.

The real Mystery Shopper Providers Association may be asking that you as a shopper register with them and perhaps will try to sell you opportunities to buy 'certifications'. You do not need these to be able to shop.
Nope they aren't MSPA. After looking further I see they are also called Mystery Shoppers America.

So same question. Anyone heard of Mystery Shoppers America?
I pretty much stick with companies that are on the list on this website (link at bottom of page). I don't see them on the list, and no, I have not heard of them.

It looks like they are a brokerage and sell a list of MSCs and charge you a fee for it. They have a complaint on the BBB site from someone who signed up with them and then could not find any jobs.
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