Help not been paid since June GBW

I am a seasoned shopper been doing this for over 7 years however I was conned .Does anyone do assignments for GBW .They normally do the Athletic shops.I was not paid two years ago you think I would learn my lesson .I decided to give them a chance and now I have not been paid a dime.I keep being told they are having technical problems which is a lie and then their scheduler has the audacity to ask me to do more shops.Is there a company or authority I can report them to because I have not been paid for over 90 days and yet they state my assignments were done correctly.Is GBW a legit company their schedulers are Asian and am alarmed nothing good seems to come from China.I tried reporting to BBB but I need to get my money

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Several threads on here about them. They do eventually pay but I have to repeatedly ask.
For jobs performed in Canada they ALWAYS pay on time the month following the job being done.
I love GBW but I go in knowing that who knows when I'll get paid. I would not recommend shopping for them if you are doing enough for them that you need the money exactly when it's owed. I do maybe 1 or 2 shops a month for them. I haven't been paid for my June shop yet either.

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I quit taking shops for them because of pay issues. I felt like I was chasing my money and it was frustrating. So I decided no more.
I've had similar payment issues with GBW, not only for May payments (which, according to their own 6-8 weeks payment schedule, should be payable late July-early August), but also for June and July assignments. I ultimately stopped performing assignments for them in late-July 2019 because they were excessively late with May 2019 payment. However, after multiple "enquiries" on their GBW website (May 2019 Payment) and emails to the MSPA regarding excessively late payments (June and July), I did receive all payment(s) in full.

May 2019: Required multiple "enquiry" requests on their website, including several (missed) payment projection dates, but money was received on August 14, 2019.

June 2019: Again, they provided an adjusted payment date (past their 6-8 week window) via their "enquiry" page and I still did not receive payment within that window. I sent one email to the MSPA ( on September 18th, 2019, regarding the payments. MSPA acknowledged the email that day, and my June 2019 payment was received in my bank on September 19th, 2019.

July 2019: Sent "enquiry" on September 30th, 2019, 4 days past the 6-8 week window for these payments. I was provided with a 2 week window, which passed on October 15, 2019. Sent an email to the MSPA on October 15, 2019, and received payment in my bank TODAY, October 16, 2019.

I hated having to email the MSPA over the matter because in the normal course of this mystery shopping business, almost every company that I've dealt with in my 5+ years doing MS has paid on-time, and/or followed up with me regarding when the payment would be received, not me having to keep up with them. However, I was also someone who was left with many shops unpaid by NSS (National Shopping Service) when their owner perished, so I've gotten more strict with when I should receive payment.

Keeping that in mind, the amount of money I was owed by GBW was also a huge chunk of my MS for those months, as I made them my priority over other companies/assignments. I expected timely payment, just as my assignments were performed and submitted in a timely manner. The shops I did for them paid well (every one of them had bonuses) and I am grateful for the opportunity to have gotten them. If not for the late payments, I'd recommend working with them to everyone!

If you are in need of the funds, I'd recommend emailing the MSPA ( and inform them of the late payments by GBW. That process is usually my last resort, but it seems to have worked the last two months to expedite the receipt of payment for shops performed for GBW.

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