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A question for more experienced Shopmetrics users.

Attempting to locate Albatross shops outside of my home geographic area results in a frustrating experience each time. As I move the map, the new shop opportunities do not populate. Searching the shop listings is sometimes not worth the time as there can be thousands of postings and they are not listed in any particular fashion that I can discern.

Some locations are easy to filter, some almost impossible. Ex: If I am planning to be in Paris, France, I can input Paris and the results will be narrowed; however, if I am planning to be in a large section of Northeast France for weeks I do not see how to isolate those results without manually perusing all the open listings.

I emailed the schedulers I usually work with, and the responses were along the lines of "let us know where you'll be and we'll see what is available". I did reply with a general geographic term like Yorkshire, England and never heard back.

Locations in the USA are easier as I can input the state and get the list of shops open.

Any input/shortcut that I am overlooking is appreciated.

Thank you all.

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They do many upscale shops in Beverly Hills, so I would concentrate on higher end locations.

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