Sinclair vs Trendsource?

Hi all, Im just curious..both of these companies have similar jobs that are essentially the same mystery shop....I'm trying to decide which one to go with..not sure I can double dip for the same locations. How do they compare report wise and payment wise...that is pretty much the deciding factor since shop, fee and reimbursement are similar. They are also same driving distance

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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Sinclair has one pizza job in my area while Tend Source has many, can't begin to compare.....The Source has no pizza places in CA.

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OP: Sinclair has one bank and one discount shoe chain in my area. Occasionally they have a credit card verification shop. TrendSource has none of those types of shops. Your request is so vague that unless someone happens to know where you are located, it is unlikely to be fruitful.

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Sorry for the vagueness..they are grocery store shops

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
The shops are different in their reporting. Both take me the same amount of time. Sinclair pays better as you are reimbursed $15 for groceries and $6 pay, whereas Trendsource is $9 groceries and $5 pay. I do shops for both companies though, both are relatively easy to do.
TrendSource just changed their requirements for the groceries. They now only allow you to purchase 4 to 6 items for 12.00 reimbursement and a 4.00 fee with reports much longer and involved. Not having done a Sinclair grocery, just guessing they are NOT the same.
p.s. you could read instructions from both and figure it out.

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Irene - I think it's area specific. I just did 2 shops for TrendSource with the guidelines I mentioned. I also just went to the website and jobs are still offered with $9 reimbursement, $5 payment at least 3 items (no upper limit).

TrendSource used to have projects that reimbursed $12 that were much more involved, but they lessened the requirements and changed the payout the beginning of this year I believe. At least in my area.

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Irene. I also don’t believe Trendsource (the Source) has changed their shops. It appears the new requirements are for certain clients. Time will tell though.
I shop for both companies. I do CC shops and occasionally a bank shop for Sinclair. They pay monthly unless you happen to get cashback on the CC, in which case it is deducted from your check. Trendsource pays bimonthly. I like Sinclair because I really like the CC shops. I love TS. I love OSI's on-site inspections. The grocery stores in my area are 5f/9r. This I don't really like because I think it should be at least 10R and 7f. (minimum wage/plus R/decent amount to work with)However, you can get nice bonuses when the deadline gets and they have no one else to drive 2-3 hours to a location. I prefer the distance ones because you can hardly get anything in Ga for 9 dollars (a pack of toilet paper and 2 one dollar dog treats, or a pack of soap and a few cans of pet food, etc). I get 21 pad for an hour away, 21+14=35, I route a bonused car wash with it and whatever else I can find then I don't have to worry if I spend 10-12 dollars. I check the whoo hoo items at every store, (discounted items because they are leaving the date or discontinued, etc) When I find good whoo hoo's sometimes I can't resist because I know I can't beat that price especially if it's something I might buy anyway.
@kenasch wrote:

Irene. I also don’t believe Trendsource (the Source) has changed their shops. It appears the new requirements are for certain clients. Time will tell though.
Not for different stores except a couple, but the old one we all know is still involved in this new thing......front timing upon entering and leaving, very different, but as you say, time will tell. Being The Source is in San Diego, CA, they may be trying this new project out here first.

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In my area, they have the checkout-focused shops with 4-6 items for a different client who is not usually shopped. The regular/national client's shops are the same as they were before.

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I have done some gas stations for two separate clients. I created a route of them and hit the first one right at the start time did one msc on the way to a lunch shop and then turned around and done the stations all over going back home.
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