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Hello, I am new to this forum and I have a question and I hope you guys can help. I recently signed up with Market Force and was immediately contacted by a scheduler to do a shop. Unfortunately I did everything right except I did the shop three days early. I submitted the CPI before realizing my mistake. I wrote the help desk and asked what I should do and I got a reply back stating the shop was invalidated. I was just looking for any advice or comments and wondering if this mistake will affect my status with MFI. I think everything else was done perfectly just completed early. Please help.


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I don't know how they rate, and although I've had no problems with them myself, others here have. That said, I wouldn't stress it. I'd suggest trying to do another shop soon, and show them your stuff. I also wouldn't worry about it because there are plenty of other companies, most of which pay better than Market Force and their sister company, CRI.

Welcome to the forum and have fun exploring! There's a lot of excellent information here, including a list of companies.
It's been explained to me that Market Force does rate/grade contractors, but they keep this information private.

One bad shop won't jeopardize you, just don't make a habit of them.
I think that every company rates, however, their grading systems are not all the same. I do agree that a company like Market Force is not likely to axe a shopper on their first attempt. I have an excellent relationship and rating with Beyond Hello, and on my shop, I went to the wrong location!
I have worked fro Market Force for quite a long time. It tells you right on the CPI what date and what time to do the shop. If it give you a range of dates pick one you like, but always remember the time also. I would not let 1 shop slow you down just make sure you know when and at what time you can do these shops. I have a calander right in front of my computer so when I am assigned a shop I list the company I'm doing this for, the name of the shop, the date of the shop and last of all the time to do it. Hope some of this helps. Plus Maket Forcve Help Desk will send you a reminder of when the shop is due .
Market Force is probably one of the most professional agencies that you will shop with. If you did something wrong and do not get paid, chalk it up as experience. It is what it is. I have done about 500 shops for them and screwed up on one. I failed to follow instructions. Was I pissed? No way. If you ran into a car and it was your fault, would you blame the other driver?

Enjoy Market Force. They are 100% in my book. I wish I had more time for their shops.
Hi all, I am new here too, and would like to ask seasoned mystery shoppers if you have given companies your SSN? I have heard to be careful not to give out your SSN. Market Force and others want it. Is this safe?
If you are looking at signing up with companies from a known list of legitimate ones, such as the one at, the MSPA website or from here (, you can feel fairly confident that you are not providing your SSN to an identity thief. Most of these companies have a secure website for your registration (look in the URL bar for it to say https:// rather than just 'http://'). Very few companies will let you work for them without having provided a valid SSN.

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You're very wise to be cautious, but if the company is legitimate, it's okay. That said, if an application gives me the option to defer submitting that information, or allows me to put in something like 124-56-7890, etc., I will sometimes do that initially, especially if it's a company with which my familiarity is limited.

At some point, however, you will have to submit it to be paid, and some companies do require a legitimate number before you can shop.
Welcome can't go wrong by reading and reading and reading this site. I am new and these folks have been a tremendous help to me and have been very generous with thier help and advice.
You should always value your right to disclose your SS#. I would not volunteer it to anyone. Once you have had a chance to check out the company that you want to shop for and they are ok. give it to them. SOME companies shop this forum, so be carefull. People who tell you that they are old shoppers and know everything are most of the time the ones to stay clear of. Ask the company itself. I occasionally pop in here and have been accussed of everything imaginable. I love this. I still have it! Anyway, go to the source. I do about 7 shops each day and day trade my money. The money you get from shopping isn't very serious. You have to take it as a base and then work with it.


Are you telling the new shoppers to be wary of the veterans who are providing advice on this forum???

If so, you are the worst sort of troll.

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Yes. I would go to the source and find pot of disclosing my SS# was something that I wanted to do. Not take your advice, nor mine.
I have completed several shops for market force without any problems. Then on my last shop that was a rush shop because they could not find anyone else, I accepted it. After sending a copy of the receipt three different times they said that they never received any of the receipts. I really find it hard to beleive that after many shops that I would screw up sending information three different times. The truth be known I was to receive a $25 bonus to complete this last minute shop. I think that they did not want to pay the bonus.
Are you talking 'purple portal' or 'blue portal'? Blue portal is simple enough to upload your receipt and you can see immediately that something was received. You can check back, sometimes as early as an hour later, and see that the receipt has been verified or rejected.
I'm having shopper's remorse about having accepted something. Does anyone know if MF penalizes shoppers for canceling? (It's way in advance of the shop.)
I'm sure they do, just as any MSP does, but the severity will be determined by reason and how much lead time you give them to find someone else.
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