Maritz non revealed gas shop photos?

So I have a few of these shops next couple of weeks..

It is possible Im getting the photo exterior mixed up with a couple of other mscs that I shop but I could have sworn that at one point..exterior photos were a requirement for these shops? With this msc..

Just wanted to be sure exterior photos are not required for the non reveal gas shops?

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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A month or two ago there was a "Pilot program" for the traditionally non-revealed gas which did require some photos and a reveal only if the CSR had no uniform/name tag. I did not do any and don't have full deets on it but I have not seen any of those shops posted this quarter. Only the normal no-photo ones.


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When in doubt, take the extra 3 seconds to snap a photo.

Gee, I didn't even know Maritz HAD non-reveal gas station shops!
Yes. If you do the reveal audits for this client then you cannot see the mystery shops on available shops. I do the mysteries and, for years, never knew they had revealed audits!

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