Closer Look and recorded calls problems

Does anybody else have problems with the Closer Look recorded call system on their cell? I saw someone else report this problem on the forum, but saw no resolution. I also saw an email from a Closer Look reference that some people may have a problem with this, but no specific details. Some people cannot get the recorded call system to work with their cell phones. When I try to use my cell phone, it says it is starting the call and I never receive a call from the software. It works fine with my landline. Doing the call with a landline can be an issue though as I share it with other people. If the person is not there and they call back when I am not available, they may get chatty with the person who picks up, which did actually happen. I had to do some quick thinking when my story did match up with they were told.

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I have done those for years with my Samsung cell phone. Unless the whole system used by ACL goes down never a problem.

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I have always had to fight with it. I usually get it to finally go through but it takes several trys. I do not have a land line.

Lately I have had issues with the entire call not recording. I have been 'smacked' on the hand by an editor for not realizing it right away and making another call.
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