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So finally accepted one of these because 'drive-by' sounds like you might snap a pic or two and be done. NOPE! Now that I can see the form I don't think I am qualified to answer the questions of construction quality or neighborhood quality. I don't have any idea how to tell if the place has gas service. Am I overthinking? I'm really stressed about it. sad smiley

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Check for natural gas meters on the sides of the houses to see if they have gas service in the area. Or lack of large propane tanks in the backyard? I dunno. That's probably above my head also. Sorry it's not what you thought it was. sad smiley

I just Googled "how to tell if your neighborhood has gas service" and the results were to call the utility company in the area and ask. You could always pose as someone who is interested in moving to the area. National Grid has a website you can check. Perhaps other utility companies do as well.

Thankfully, it is a business and not a house so I don't have to go skulking around someone's home. I didn't even think about looking for a gas meter. Thanks for the help!
I used to do many of these shops, some were easy and others took forever with pay of 17.00 same for all.
I stopped doing them a year ago, way to much work (report wise) for the money, plus re-registering for the background check yearly. Just got tired of being low-balled and spending well over an hour plus driving time
for the fee. I was gun ho in the beginning, but with my 6 cylinder Honda, not worth it....if you miss a picture, watch out, I remember taking a picture of the door lock, but didn't take the other side, woe was me. The company like most these days has changed schedulers and the help isn't there. These were not drive-by,
had to make appointment and visit property, yours sounds like less work.

Live consciously....

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I just check on gas, or whatever else they ask about utilities, unknown, or whatever they give as possible answers. I have done a ton of these and never have had a problem. Don't over think the questions.
Yours are different from those I did, I never do gas stations in any form.

Live consciously....
I do these on occasion. Generally, I have to answer that I don't know if they have utilities because even if there are power lines, the electricity could be turned off. No way to tell if they have natural gas service. Presumably, they have water, but it also could be turned off. I that state what I know to be true, and say that I can't tell about the rest. I have never had any issues.

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They always want me to do one that is close to me like two states over. I say $0.4o a mile and $15.00 an hour drive time.
It's simple. Scope L's are only verifiable if you actually see a meter on the side or rear wall of the building. Since you take all four sides it's not a big deal. If you don't see it then you don't say it. For sewer or septic only say when you know for sure. Obviously, downtown is sewer and a rural farm would be septic. What about borderline? Don't worry about it just don't put either. Scope F is even easier, just ASK! The client when you meet them.
I did a vacant farm land, one time. It was listed as a business inspection. Of course, I had marked power, (farms nearby, power lines going down the street) and that's it. But when I was walking taking pictures low and behold look what I see? A gas line juncture right in the front of the property. So I snapped a picture to verify that they could have gas if they wanted and changed my answer. I've become much more receptive to noticing these things since doing these assignments. Given time you will begin to notice as well.
My mother does the type you are talking about. She asks for an adequate distance pay. If they need someone bad enough they will pay. I do the easy things closer to home that don’t require that background check. There’s one that I'm sent a text request almost weekly. I make them pay me more. It’s kinda maddening because they still try to low ball me.
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