Reality Check- UPDATE

I'm soooo done being treated poorly by one of their reviewers. Snotty, mean, overly critical and tonight she tells me she had to "guess" at my receipt. Really? My pic is crystal clear, and I even attached it to her email. I need to speak to a live person. Never run into this situation before, in any review, with any reviewer, or in all my time as a shopper. My husband is already a little cranky about the long wait for the approx. $160 they owe me. Thoughts, please??

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They do take about 2 months to pay, but I haven't had any problems. I know some editors do not like if you attach a photo of the entire receipt. They want the receipt folded to only show the very top and bottom (see their instructions).

Sorry you having troubles. There is a 1-800# on their contact page: []

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I now have a contact name and number. I've printed out her emails, and Im going to call later and read them to RC.

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All my contact with them has been through a scheduler at KSS, and thankfully, she's one of the good ones. Every shop I've performed for them has been for high-end foreign clients, and the pay is relatively higher. Never had a problem with them on any level. I enjoy their shops and wish they had more in my area.

Hope your issue gets resolved, Jaosmom.
Just an update- Nicely, I think you are talking about "L"- and you're right she is SUPERB. Of course, I have yet to hit a bad scheduler there, "T" is also super nice. I am having trouble with the reviewer for "Frank Morgan" stores. She is the only reviewer for the full store shops. Not only am I done doing these shops because of her, but I am going to share her emails and my reviews with whomever will listen to me. Not only did she give me a "6" on a review tonight, because A) I left off the "P" on the name "Pat," but because my shop was submitted late. Luckily, I notified the scheduler right away when I got home & discovered our internet out, I have all the follow up emails I sent over that next 48 hrs. from my phone to keep her updated, so there would be no point reduction.
I emailed to let her know that I would be speaking with someone at RC first thing next week, that I wasn't going to be treated this way anymore. I sent the email, logged into Reality Check, and clearly saw "6"- I even showed it to my 10 year old and our babysitter, because I thought my eyes were tricking me! Then I look over and it says THIS ACCOUNT IS DEACTIVATED." What??????????? I emailed her and protested and confirmed- I will be contacting RC next week, or tomorrow, if I can get anyone to answer. Immediately I get an email that says :"I didn't give you a 6, I gave you an 8, and I just raised that to a 9." eyes are not that bad I log in, and surprise, surprise, the grade is now a 9. I reactivate myself, show daughter and babysitter the screens, and leave for dinner with hubby.
I work hard for my money, lady, and you will not take your power trip out on me!!Not this Momma!

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Jaosmom, yes, actually, I've dealt with both "L" and "S" on all the shops I've done for Reality Check. I've never communicated directly with an editor on these shops at all. If you notified the scheduler about the need for the extension, I wonder if she didn't convey the information. In any event, I just read your original post, and it's not clear to me -- did you try to resolve the issue with the scheduler?
Actually, I talked to the scheduler at length, and I have a contact # to call first thing Mon ( or Tues. if they're closed). The way I am hearing it, and not from the scheduler) is that the Reviewer has the final say in the score until you hit the company owner. She is the "Lord Supreme" because she is the only reviewer who does these shops, and while all my other shops with RC have 9 or 10 scores and have comments like "great report!" and "This was an excellently written report", from this reviewer I get comments like "I deleted 50% of your comments because they weren't relevant." In this case, the fact that I reported my cable being out and kept in touch with the scheduler is all documented, and either the Reviwer Supreme did not see that or chose to ignore it until I screamed bloody murder. Wish I would have screen printed the "6" and the "this account has been self deactivated" but at least I have my babysitter and 10 year old who saw it, too.

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