Anyone else having checkin problems with Trendsource's "The Source" mobile app?

I keep running into errors where the app doesn't let me checkin to locations. I've spoken with other agents and they have said the same has happened to them going back several years. It's like Trendsource doesn't put time/money/effort into making the app better. Pretty annoying, especially when they hold payment because they say I didn't checkin. If it continues, I'm considering working with another company.

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I've only used it a few times over the past few months. I only use it to check in and out. I use my computer at home and do my report later. For me, the app has worked fine for check in/check out except once. The time it didn't work, I tried to check in and got a "failure" notice. I tried twice more and got the failure notice both times. So I went ahead and did the shop. When I reported, I just input my times in and out. My report was accepted and approved the same day with no questions or communication. They didn't hold payment or tell me I didn't check in. I guess the app captured that I tried to check in and it didn't work. Not sure.

What kind of error message do you get when you try to check in? How do they communicate with you and what do they say?
I have not had any issues with the app. My first try if I ever do will be to restart my phone. I do what is convenient in the app and the rest like narratives and scans at home on my PC.

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Once or twice when the GPS pin was misset in the assignment back-send. They usually fix it quickly so it doesn't happen again, but it does mean having to keep come emergency cash on hand if I need to but something cheap.
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