Has anyone here completed the SQM (Sensors Quality Management) STEP level 6 for Retail? I have been working on it for a couple of weeks - only allowed 2 attempts per day, and the best I can get is 24/25. I have tried going process of elimination for the questionable questions, but that hasn't helped. There are a few questions that are worded oddly, and I think I have them correct now, but still only reaching 24 right. Anyone successful with level 6.

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I did eventually get it. But it was years ago.
I listed all my answers, then changed one and only one. If my score went down, then that was one answer "proved". Frustrating, but finally got it.
Don't know if it opened more jobs though.
Yes that is what I am doing too, but that doesn't seem to be working. I had a score of 24, changed only one answer, and my score stayed at 24. It should have went down to 23 or up to 25. This might take awhile.
I am step level 9 just checked so it appears I completed all the steps. I have yet to do one assignment thou. The best advice already given so reread and take it then record answers. Then change only one answer each time. If score goes down verifies what is correct. If up you changed a wrong to a right so keep that answer. May take a week but should be able to pass.

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Yes that is what I am doing now. I've gone through all the questionable ones, and the ones left what I am pretty sure are correct. So I am going to have to start again at the top in case I wrote down one of them wrong. Very time consuming since I only get 2 attempts per day.
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