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I do. A Top Shop out of Highlands Ranch Colorado? Read my failure to pay thread. I'm not sure if this is typical for them or not because I've only done one shop for them. But so far it is hands down the worst shopping experience I've ever had and my dealings with the owner are less than stellar. I hope my experience is out of the norm, but if not, at least you're warned!
Lizdreamz Wrote:
> Anyone have any experience with them? What about
> Sinclair?
> Liz

Hi, Liz, here is a whole lot of discussion on Sinclair. Use the "Search" function and select "all dates." There is probably not quite as much on A Top Shop, altho I remember a few discussions. You should be able to bring up a couple of discussion on A Top Shop also using "Search."
I have shopped for Sinclair once and was paid, although it did take around 2 months for the check to arrive.
Sinclair isn't the speediest to pay, but rarely are they ones I need to follow up with. January shops done throughout the month were paid in the first days of March. Certainly if I had only done one shop January 1 or 2 it would have been 2 months to payment, but ones throughout the month, including the final days of the month, were paid in the first days of March.
Sinclair shop Metrics is a company I have done quite a few shops. It does take about 60 days to get your mnoey but they do pay and no major problems with them.

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I'm not really fond of Sinclair. I did many shops for them with no problem. I did one where the location did not score too well and the client disputed it.

I did not know any of that until after I called when I noticed I could no longer view shops. They took away my ability to do shops ( I am still registered with the site, just can't view or be assigned shops), did not pay me for that shop, PLUS did not pay me for another shop for the same client that had taken place the month before and had not been disputed.

I am still called regularly though by a scheduler to do a shop 90 minutes away that he can not get anyone else to do.
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