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I can't say enough good things about this firm. The schedulers and editors are all very friendly and helpful. If you miss something on your report, they give you a gentle nudge or fill it in for you (if possible). Currently, they have a nationwide program where they need shoppers to sign up for a certain retail credit card with a bullseye and report on their experience. I think they are paying at least $60 in most locations. I wish it were possible to perform this shop more than once! Anyway, I strongly recommend that you check out their site at [] .

Experienced evaluator and auditor available for consulting in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and eastern North Carolina. Active member of North Carolina bar.

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The first time I did that shop it paid $100. I didn't use the card for a few years so the sccount was closed. The second time I did the shop it paid $75. Again, I didn't use the card for a few years and the account was closed. I'm eligible again, but now they've lowered the fee to $60. I'll pass.
I shop for these guys all the time and think they are great. Never have any issues with payment. Scheduling can take a bit sometimes but overall I like working with them. Too bad they a very limited number of shops in the area.
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