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Since you're only asking for the MSCs and not their Clients, I can respond a little bit. It really depends what part of the country you live in. MF was doing some pre-Covid in my area (South), but they have not come back yet. You can try Confero, Second to None, and Strategic Reflections. They all have different requirements and pay at different rates, as well as pay according to various schedules. I know there are others in various parts of the country. It all depends.

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Buzz agents formerly northfork research does some have not seen any yet since covid 19 thou.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
If you are in the Northeast (NY, CT, MA, NH, VT, and northeast PA), Alta360 Research has some posted.
@KSSPete wrote:


Pete, any word when/whether the Kinesis grocery shops will start back up? The last ones I saw were January. I have specific things I get on those shops and my pantry is running low.
Not sure if they are the same ones you were doing before, but Kinesis has some that never went away. They're posted on the KSS site.
Thank you. Very helpful. I'm signed up with them, but I thought Presto was where all their shops were.

smiling smiley

Edited to read: I thought all their shops were on Presto.

Nothing like a little awkward phrasing to get one's head spinning, LOL.

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