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I never seem to be able to get beyond stand-by status with them. Their shops go really fast in So Cal.

There's a current thread on v for SEC

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Yes, I have worked for them in the past. Have not done so in the past year or so because they had nothing in my area of interest. I found the pay was fair for the expectations on their shops but I am not enthusiastic about laying out a whole bunch of money on stuff I have to go back later and return whether it is a P&R or my own option. Last jobs with them were in 2006 and they paid in about a month.
I've done a couple but like Flash mentioned, their shops involved "laying out a whole bunch of money on stuff" you have to return at another time--or not! In the two that I did, I had to go to 5 specific store departments and purchase a minimum of $50 worth of stuff. My biggest issue is, I ended up liking all the things I purchased that I ended up with unplanned expenses. On the second shop I did, I promised myself not to even bother going through the store's things; I was just going to grab the first thing I saw and run to the cashier. Unfortunately, I'm a born shopper and couldn't just go through with a grab and go as planned.

I did get paid pretty quickly, minus $3 because I forgot to complete a direct deposit agreement.
Maddie, I know what you mean. I needed to spend $20 min in 4 departments. I specifically chose 4 departments of absolutely no use to me to avoid temptation. I quickly found something "cute" and in the price range and was out of the store quickly with stuff I neither wanted or could use so there was no agony of return.
I have done new car shop and oil change shop with them. Pay was good and shops were easy.

I have done free oil changes. health insurance, and new car shops. The are reasonable, their software works right and they pay as agreed via wire transfer
to your bank. Give me more work. They are one of the best.
I just started shopping with this company doing bank shops. The reports are easy. They do require a bank account, so I opened one. The bank was presently having a promotion where new account openings received $50. The teller shop pays $13 and the platform shop pays $15.
Yep-that's them

I wish they had banks around here- I'll take a professional banker instead of a pimply-faced elect. store employee anyday!!!!!

Independent Scheduler
I never did the tests. Do they have a large national chain of banks, or just local ones? I might consider one of their tests.
K-What state are you in? I'm not seeing any bank shops in the several states I searched.

Independent Scheduler
Just looked again at their board. Mostly health care companies here. Not missing anything.
I looked in my area. I can go shop an American made vehicle for a so-so fee. I've done that shop and had fun with it.

If I had a vehicle that took 5qts or less of oil I could go get an oil change at the same dealership for a small fee plus reimbursement of the service while I did the car shop. Unfortunately one vehicle in the house is too new and the other takes too much oil.
I done shops for them. I did not have to lay out any cash at all. The pay was fair. They pay fairly quickly. I like the scheduler a lot. I find the editor who has edited my shops difficult to deal with. I decided that that latter point, in combination with the fact that the one thing they shop in my area is really really dull (for me), I decided not to do any more shops with them for a while. Maybe they will get some more interesting shops and I will change my mind again! :-)

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I keep getting warnings about the website-certificate errors and it keeps telling me not to proceed..........anyone else have this issue?

There are several MSPs who appear to have not paid for their current website certificate. I generally allow my browser to open it anyway "for this visit". I don't believe I have had that problem with SEC, but I do know that the sites I have the problem with most frequently offer jobs that aren't worth the report, much less the visit for the fee offered. Guess if they are cheap in one way they are in others as well.
I certainly understand.

One of the reasons I use bookmarks (or Favorites) for my log in locations is that I am very skeptical of punching any links in emails. In most cases with SASSIE emails you are taken to a job description where you are NOT logged in, so those I am comfortable with. If it is a job I am interested in that looks legit I will put in my email address and password. Otherwise when I get an email I am more likely to open a new window and use my own bookmark to access the site. That way I can feel sure that I am not being "pfished".
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