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Hi, I am new to mystery shopping and am interested in performing shops at grocery stores for food. Can you recommend some companies for this currently, and whether a new shopper needs to work up to seeing these types of shops? I'm signed up with just a handful of companies and don't see any. Thank you so much.

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buzz agents had some pre covid-19.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
Confero, Strategic Reflections. ***CAVEAT*** Not all areas have grocery shops with the same MSC. What's available in my area with, say, Confero, may not be available in your area. Just sign up with as many MSCs as you can, perhaps 5 each day. At the bottom of each page of this Forum is a link to the Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies. That's a great place to start. Then do your due diligence by reading on this Forum about the general consensus of whatever MSC you are contemplating working with. Some have great reputations, some OK, and some rotten! So just do your homework, and have fun and good luck!
thank you for the responses! I am signed with some of these but haven't found them yet. Are the grocery shops categorized as "retail"? I hope to find some soon!

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They may not be in your area. Where are you located? Maybe someone in your general vicinity can give better insight.

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Location is important. I shop weekly at a Midwestern regional grocery store through Trendsource. Sometimes get shops at a specific grocery store that has a larger scope.

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Yes, I now suspect they aren't in my area. I suppose I could email some of the contacts at each MSC. I had done some research before to see which companies focused on certain industries and also for those whose shoppers reported grocery shopping, but as I am new I'm sure there's more to search for that I haven't seen yet. Thanks again!!
Secret Shopper used to have them in my area but haven't seen any since Covid. Plus, they were very involved shops for little money but ... you could check them if you want. Personally I found that if I wanted a grocery shop it was better to wait for MForce to bonus the shops for their client and then swoop in. Much less demanding guidelines than SS had for their client.
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