Trendsource groceries ended?

Hey all—

I’m wondering if the gigantic Trendsource grocery program ended, or if it’s just in my area? I’m not seeing any of them within 75 miles, just the “bother the electronics rep” and insurance shops.

These were very, very good to me... although I noticed they were getting really uncharacteristically cheap with the PAD the last couple months... which I kind of took as a warning sign.

Anyone else?

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Several years ago, the client discontinued the program for approx 24 months. When it was returned to the boards, I was being paid $34 a shop, but that amount, according to my log, only lasted three months. When a sufficient number of people willing to work for base existed, the pay fell like a rock. In addition, the report was much more detailed the second time around.
I just got back from a TS grocery shop, and have one later this week. This area (Michigan) seems to have quite a few. But bonuses, if any, are stingy.
California seems to have many. I’ve been able to fill all my grocery needs for the past several months.
I live in SC. TS used to have the large grocery Client that uses a fictitious "Walter" as their Produce guy, so if you live in this area, you know what I'm talking about. Anyhow, that particular grocery program ended at the end of 2019, because the Client is not doing well financially. They have closed or plan to close an additional 18 or so stores. So I'm sure they needed to save money somewhere, and mystery shopping was no doubt cut from their budget.
@AZwolfman wrote:

It is apparently just in your area.
Yup, it looks that way. Because TS has other grocery Clients going strong. Oh well.
I do grocery shops for this company, but I wonder if any of the "big names" offer grocery shops? I'm signed up with quite a few companies, but haven't seen grocery shops.
This is one of my "bread and butter" shops, and there are none in my area of Ohio after mid-month. I snagged a few in Michigan for the 17-18. No grocery stores are posted after that. They typically don't post much ahead, but this is a bit either the program is changing again or it might be gone.
They are back on the board! Not sure if the program is changing because the printable form isn't available yet for the shops after the 18th.
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