Looking for grocery shopping companies.

I am trying to find a company where you shop for groceries and they let you keep the food. Does any one know of any? Someone said they work for a company where you shop for UPC codes and they let you keep the food you buy but they didn't know the name of the company. Can someone help me out?

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Well, just as an example, the MSC that does my grocery shops reimburses $12. So yes, you get to keep the food. But it's not really that much food.
The MSC that I use pays and reimburses shoppers to buy and try grocery items.

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Service With Style has a grocery store shop here in Alberta. You get $15 of groceries, I think, plus a fee.
There are others, can't think right now.
Confero, Trendsource, Intellishop, Market Force all have US Based grocery store shops. I don't know what part of the country you live in, but our major chains are shopped in the SE.
@pambam57 wrote:

Second to None has grocery shops in the Midwest.
....and in the Southeast.
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