Intellishop refund for tracker

I have been MSing for 19 years and have never been treated so unfairly. I fronted $150 for the trackers and my shops have been finalized for 2 + weeks. The instructions said they would return the deposit to paypal once the reports were finalized. I received all 10s on my report and Matt Liasse ignores my emails and phone calls. They all work from home now so I can't go above his head. Any suggestions???? TIA!

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I have never received a response from an Intelli-shop scheduler when asking about a completed shop. That said - there is a phone number on their website that you can call. They usually pay about 30-60 days out. I don't know what shops or "trackers" you are referring to, but I have never heard of them paying immediately after a report is approved.
I have contacted Matt a few times in November about a shop. He keeps raising the fee and ignoring my requests to do the shop. Not sure what is going on... we communicated successfully in October.
I stopped shopping for Intellishop because of Matt's non-existent communication. You will have to escalate your concern to Jeffrey Koppes at Intellishop. You can contact him through LInkedIN, or use his Intellishop email.


Everyone at Intell-shop has the same email naming format:

Good luck!
@weatherman2111 wrote:

To each their own I guess. I've never had any problems getting in touch with him.
Same here, I've only done a handful of shops with Matt but had no trouble getting responses from him. They have a scheduler who pretty much has ignored me when I had a question but it's not Matt.

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I had a problem with my ticket deposits for the show shops. It took an email or two, but they did get them back to me.
Did you ever get paid? I'm looking for additional mystery shopping companies to work for since losing my full time job. I've worked for Market Force for 6 years, but they don't have nearly enough to keep me busy. I don't want to look into a company that isn't going to pay me.
kgb inquires-- I don't want to look into a company that isn't going to pay me.

Bob's reply--I have been contracted with Intelli-shop for 15 years, with my money always arriving both when and in the amount I was due. In addition, the OP is the first person I ever recall alleging a pay difficulty.
Agreed. Intellishop is one company with whom I have few if any problems. Biggest bummer is apparently I was outed at both credit unions they do in my area. The new account scenario for one of them is the easiest moneymaker out there, with the interaction typically lasting less than 3 minutes. I'm permanently banned from the CU I use for personal accounts, and I have to wait a year to do the new account deals at the other one.
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