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They take a long time.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Dandy shares--I dumped HS Brands because of slow pay.

Bob comments--English has a few oddities, such as the word "bi-monthly." It can mean either twice a month or every other month; it depends upon the context. The same is true with the phrase "slow pay." In financial circles it tends to mean the pay ultimately arrives but beyond the due date. According to my log, Service Sleuth has never been late; they have paid when stated. BUT, do they pay quickly? No, however I clearly understood their system before I accepted the work. In life, I expect information upfront and SS, to my recollection, has always so delivered.

It is up to each shopper to decide what is important to them. As for me, I cherish an MSC that is easily accessible, upfront with the job, pays acceptable fees and has conditions that do not require I enter the business perched upon a single hump camel and on the second Tuesday of the week. An example occurred last week. I applied for a $50 apt. visit that stated it was a video shop AFTER it had been assigned; I immediately cancelled. I do not believe that situation would have ever taken place with SS.
I agree that HS Brands is definitely trustworthy when it comes to payment but the shops I do with them usually require a cash outlay on my part so the slow payment definitely puts a dent in my wallet.
Caution: I have worked for them for several years with no issues until today!

In early March I did a hotel CoVid compliance job. The property failed miserably.

I had to reach out several times to get my cc charges reversed. Mind you no contact from anyone until today!

I got a bull s*it story how the hotel manager pulled 16 hours of tape (I wasn’t even on the property that long..I did sleep!) and how my claim I was let inside the hotel without a mask was fabricated!!
And how they had several hours of meetings on how to address this and I wouldn’t be excluded from the program, just retrained...Say what?!

They blatantly called me a liar and didn’t give me a chance to tell them I had a witness, photos and a recording of the interaction! Yet...I may still work for them?!

The shop was on schedule to be re-shopped 2 days after I left the property. Red flags went up but I assumed (wrongfully) since I had not been contacted they are re-shopping to confirm how miserably the property is following CoVid standards.

My contact during ‘training’ approved me to visit a fine dining establishment (everything else was closed) the client rejected (I am assuming) based on this and she threw me under the bus!

I then went back in my account and realized I hadn’t been paid for a job I did in December, although a paid date of 2/3 is showing.

Not sure what is going on with this company but if you do chose to work for them, make sure you have documentation of everything. I am super disappointed by their lack of integrity!! Just wow!
The last I heard from a HS scheduler, I advised that I required payment in advance of work.
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