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So it seems that IPSOS is ready to entertain route offers on far away gas shops. In 2020 I completed a few of the same stations I am interested in when they were with Maritz for about $12 more than I can squeeze out of IPSOS. I am probably headed that direction anyway so it's not like I am driving just to do these, but it sure does pain me to even think about taking them for less than I was getting just one year ago.....

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I am currently driving right by gas stations that I did for $75 last quarter. right now, they are not offering anywhere close to that. So I am taking a calculated risk that they will still be available when the 75 becomes available. There's a chance that they could get gobbled up, but I just have a hard time doing them for $50 less than I did last quarter. I'll probably know by the beginning of next week whether it was a good or bad risk to take.
The following comment does NOT apply to shoppers in need of money.

I have not, do not and, barring financial ruin, will never go south with fees. One criteria for success in business is attitude discipline. Once one begins accepting less, one tends to continue along that path. In addition, the fact of inflation renders accepting the money of a past decade also being a reduction in pay.
Well, someone took the ones I was looking at for much less than I received in the past. Good for them if they need the income. Bad for them because it is going to snow for the next 5 days and that will suck....

Guess I look at these at the end of next quarter and decide if they are worth it...At least it will be warm by then with hopefully no snow!
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