What Companies Offer a Referral Fee?

I know that some MSCs offer a finders fee.

You refer someone to the MSC, and once they complete their first shop successfully, you get paid a referral fee.

What companies have these programs? If you know of one, can you state how it works for that MSC?

From Ath I received this reply:

"Referrals are program specific and for this particular program, there is no referral bonus."


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Shoppers' View has a referral program. If you refer someone through this form: [shoppersview.com], and they perform a successful shop within 60 days (even a phone shop!), both the shopper who provided the referral and the new shopper get $5. Referral payments are processed once a month separately from our shopper payments.

If the new shopper needs help finding a phone shop, they can find it by going to the Job Board after registering, expanding the radius to 999 mi, clicking on additional filters, and then selecting Phone from the Project drop-down menu. Our phone shops are usually posted a couple days before the start of the new month.

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Waste of time. Find half a dozen new shoppers (aka ‘fresh meat’) for a MSC and you might get enough cash to buy a sandwich.
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