Beware - Blue Grocery Shops just doubled in length

This latest round of blue grocery shops starting today with the Trendsource are now requiring you to check dates on 4 different kinds of milk, 4 different types of meat (doubling the work) and still do produce checks for the same pay.


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Philcobizzle - I don't see the new requirements as doubling the work. Checking dates on milk and meat products will only take me less than a minute or two. They also deleted visiting all the departments to check who is or is not wearing a mask. It's still a fairly simple shop, at least for me when I need groceries anyhow.
Yeah, did one today. No more checking for masks. Meat took one minute, milk took another minute. Oh, the humanity. I'm sure shopperbob will be along soon to tell us how much meat and milk cost at <store name> in 2006.

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I thought it was easy. No mask checking or questions only a mystery shopper would ask. They are just changing what we do.
Thank you for thinking of me boridi. Unfortunately, though, I have no recollection of specific pricing from 1 1/2 decades in the past. I can, and will share the comparative pricing on milk and meat last week in Dayton, Oh. On milk, Aldi was at $2.59, with Kroger charging $2.99. Kroger did score a nice win on my meat purchase, as the 80/20 preformed ground beef patties were at $.99 a lb.; limit 20 patties. That was the lowest pricing I have seen on that form of meat in many years.
I did two yesterday. It was no big deal. I still was in/out of the store in my usual 20 minutes.
I did not find the extra steps to be terrible once I figured it out. However, you now must use a traditional line or self check out that is assigned. In the past, if they offered to move you from traditional to self check out you could go. Now you have to refuse until they ask you 3 times. I spend 90% of my 8 jobs yesterday standing in massive lines. One line I stood in for over 30 minutes because they only had one traditional line open and 15 self-checkout. At one store the line went all the way through the store and each customer had full baskets. I chose the option "the line was too long so I moved to self-checkout" they denied my report and refused to accept it. Even though I explained TWICE that the line was huge and I had 5 other jobs to do after that one. Plus they offered the option to move if the line was too long. Apparently, that is a false option they will not honor the job if you choose it. After denying the job they asked me if I wanted to go redo it. F'ing no I don't want to go redo it. I told them if that is how they are going to work I will no longer accept traditional checkouts and only take self-checkouts. I told them I was doing these to make money not spend time standing in a line a mile long. I have a feeling a lot of shoppers are going to feel the same way.
I did 3 today and was in and out in about 15 min each. I like the new report, much quicker!
I did 2 on 8/15, was in and out of each store in 20 minutes. Checking milk and meat only takes a minute or two.
Hmmm...I found the few I did before very annoying, maybe I should revisit. I like compliance, less so the mystery.
Same amount of time required, definitely not a double. IMO these are the easiest shops I do especially since I shop there weekly.

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