Opinions on the new Satisfaction Services program?

Have you all seen the new Rated Evaluator program for Satisfaction Services? I'm not sure how I feel about it. The fee isn't much - only $9.99 a year, but I've never had a company ask for a fee before. The details say that assignments will be given to members who are part of this paid program first, and then I guess anything left over or that they can't fill will be offered to everyone else.

Just wondering what y'alls thoughts on this were....

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Nothing new in that. They offered it years ago when I initially signed up with them. I didn't bother. I don't/won't pay to shop. Like everything else there are folks convincing themselves it did fabulous things for them and folks who realized they wasted their money. The few shops I have been willing to accept from Satisfaction Services did not bring huge "satisfaction" to the shopper servicing them. They had to be bonused to even be worth the trip IMHO. Your area may be different.
They have never had a decent job in my area, so, why would I pay, just not worth them making $$ off me for nothing.

Live consciously....
Ahh, I didn't realize it wasn't a new feature. I guess I had just never noticed it before. I just did a shop for them for the first time in months, so I thought it was a new feature. I agree - I would never pay a company to perform shops for them. Doesn't really make sense in my book.
I believe there is a 'mock' report or some such that accompanies the $9.99, so it purports to be more than simply paying to become an evaluator. Nonetheless, I haven't paid it and still get assignments often enough.
The fee has been around for awhile. Not worth it to me. They do have a couple of shops in my area, but not much.
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