qsi specialists rejection???

Has anyone applied to be a shopper for QSI and received a rejection?

Recently my girlfriend applied on their site and after a over a week of waiting they rejected her...

This is a shopper with over 4 years of shops under her belt, consistently gets 85-94 score on coyle. Has an average score on hsbrands of 9 with over 30 shops(including multiple casino stay over and 2 days shops) has a 10 average score on intellishop with over 60 shops, etc etc etc.

Has anyone here had a similar experience?

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What is qsi?

@zaccari33 wrote:

cool, thanks.......

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@zaccari33 wrote:

cool, thanks.......

Was this like a sarcastic response to the fact that you did not get an instant response to your question? lmfao.
@Zaccari33 Is your girlfriend licensed to shop in Nevada? That might be the reason for the rejection if she is not. Other than that I haven't of them rejecting shoppers.

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Hi! Does she live in Nevada or travel to Nevada often by chance? She may be rejected if she doesn't live in or come to Nevada often. Nevada mystery shopping companies can only hire mystery shoppers as employees once they have the Nevada PILB work card. They can't hire Independent Contractors unfortunately. If she would like further information, please have her contact hr@qsispecialists.com.
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