A Closer Look: Automated Sytems Will Remove Overdue Shops

A scheduler told me ACL now automatically removes overdue shops. I believe the shopper is probably safe if the overdue shop does not go past midnight after it becomes overdue. No guarantees, though!

Just a heads up. smiling smiley

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Another thing west coast people have to worry about. Some companies count the time by where they are so if they are on the east coast overdue is 9 PM here making dinner shops hard to do. So we have to pay more attention to that time for each msc. Not sure where acl falls on that issue but I will check next time I do a shop.
Yep. I'm on the West Coast, too, and I usually add a statement in the problem disclosure tap to remind the editing team about the time difference.

OTOH, I am grateful that ACL changed many of its reporting deadlines from 12 hours (before Clarity) to 24 hours. I've had ACL folks tell me that the deadline for a shop was really 24 hours even though the guidelines still said 12 hours.
Yes, it really is nice to have 24 hours! I write much better reports in the morning!

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