How to Get a Shop with White Clay Marketing?

I'm signed up with this MSC, but wasn't with its predecessor. I've applied for several shops, but never get one. The shops in my area that come up almost always state that you must have a shopper rating of 5 or above to get a shop. But I can't get a rating until I can get a shop! It's that vicious circle. I'm not sure, but I think *all* the shops I've seen for them say that.

There's a bar shop near here that gets shopped regularly, and they seem to have a hard time filling it. I applied two or three times, and my application either sat as "pending" for days on end or it wasn't accepted.

I have an app in right now for a job I'd like to do on Sunday, when I'll be not far away for another shop. This is out of town, so I'd like to maximize my time.

I have excellent ratings from every MSC I shop for, but they apparently have no way of knowing that, unless they use outside schedulers. And I don't know if they do.

Any tips on how to get started with this company? I'd do one for base pay (other than the pizza shop) to get my foot in the door.

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Birdy, it's worth getting on their radar. I only do a couple of shops for them yearly, but they usually pop up just when I need one. Or as you stated, because its near another shop you are doing.
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