Corporate Research International

Has anyone else encountered this company. They pay well but their automated
system in totally unreasonable. Here are some examples.

The automated system delets you from a completed shop after so many hours, even
if you have tried to submit it and their software malfuntions. I had one where
they said a comment was too long. I shortened it. I even deleted it and left
it blank. It still said it was too long. This was on a Friday night. I tried
again Saturday and Sunday. By the time someone was there to answer the phone
and deal with the problem, the automated system had taken me off the shop.
When I asked to be reinstated to it because it was there fault, they said they
could not because the shop had been put back in the system and someone else
had picked it up. Lesson learned, never do a shop for them on Friday.

The have a new gadget called an image resizer. It resizes digital photos
so they can transmit via dial up connections. It is great except for one thing,
it rarely works.

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The shops they offer around here are some of the lowest paying shops I have seen anywhere. The only shops I do for CoRI anymore are at the end of the month when I can pick up a bonus.
I agree with you both.
Since 2 weeks I have problems. Every job I submit, I get an e-mail, that they didn't receive my pictures or my receipt.
You can't do the report without first uploading the receipt.
I am wondering how they are organized.
I asked them, when they will fix their system and contact their technichans.
I am tired for a $4 job to do the job, the report and then being threatened to loose the job, because their system is failing. To resubmit via e-mail takes MY additional time. God bless, the day when it started with the problems, I printed out a hard copy of the report and the confirmation.
So far I lost 2 jobs out of 45, but I got it back the end of the month, because I did a $4 job for the higher rate of $27.
I only stay with them, because I don't live in a big city, and they have a lot of jobs around here.
Picture Resizer

I don't have any problems so far, after my teen daughter explained it to me.
Did you know, because I didn't

you have to unclick "Maintain aspect ratio"

if you want to change the uploads into 640 x 480.
Unfortunately, John, the more automated the company, the more you are going to find those kinds of problems. I haven't done that many shops for CORI because of their fee structure. I have had problems with the Service Intelligence website allowing the upload of shops and have filled their VOX with notices of technical problems. While these they never answer, at least there is documentation of trying to contact them about a problem and my shops have never been reassigned out from under me. I'm not sure that I would even attempt to do shops with a dial up because it is bad enough with broadband.
Hi, John--

I had technical problems just applying for one of their shops. I emailed, and by the time the helpdesk understood the problem, the shop was gone. In my area also, their payscale is dreadful. I take a peek near the end of the month.
Thanks for your comments on CRI. They make me feel better that I am not the
only uone with problems with them. They do have a lot of shops and pay promptly,
but the pay scale sucks. The problem is that when their system fouls up, which
is does often, you lose the entire shop and have to start over again. I have asked
for months to put a save feature on the report but they tell me they are working
on it and I know they just do not care.With the pay scale and the system failures,
you can end up working for fifty cents and hour. When you need help, the do not even have an 800 number. I cover a radius of about 50 miles from my home.
If I have shops in the next town, 25 miles up the interstate, I check their job
lists to see if there is anything I will be passing or near and pick up a couple
of extra bucks but I would not go as far as the mailbox for a shop for just them.
By the way, if you want to see software that works, try Market Force.
I don't even check their website anymore because the pay is so low. Now I know to check at the end of the month. Thanks
I get email from CRI all the time and they have a lot of gas shops in my area. I took the video training on their site and tried several times one night to pass the test. From what you all are saying, maybe I should be glad I'm wasn't able to.
Their gas stations can eventually become interesting in terms of fee. After a while you will recognize those shops that don't get taken readily and what the price is likely to climb to. In my area there is a station out towards nowhere that would be an orphan for me and probably for most other shoppers as well. It starts at $4 each month and usually makes it to around $18 before it gets taken. Currently it is at $12. There are some shops sometimes about half way there, so before I accept those I see what the price is up to for that station to see if it makes the whole group worthwhile.
It's like waiting to see how high a stock will climb before telling your broker to sell it smiling smiley

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It turns into a sick game of sorts.

Right now I'm keeping an eye on one that's usually 6+1. It's up to 13+1. If it gets to 15+1, I'll grab it.

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I haven't tried again to pass the test. If they would let you know what you missed it would help. But you have to review the whole training again and all the test questions. I have being doing other shops instead.
Print out the test and the info for it, if you can. Answer the questions on that and then enter them. When you put the answers on your hard copy, mark the ones you're absolutely sure of (verbatim from the info) and the ones that are maybes. That will, at least, give you a clue as to which ones you might have missed. I've had to go back and just change one answer at a time, until I found the one I missed.
I did two of the gas shops for $25 each. And one was a kisok. Easy.
If you are having trouble with the test, email the scheduler.
They must have raised it here today. Last night they were only $8 and going begging, now all the Aprils are gone. Foo! You have to read email 24 /hrs a day.
I got them yesterday for $10. They still had some open for a rural route in April, which I wanted to do next week, (I did them last month for $18 to $26),
but I guess either a new shopper arrived or they don't need it so urgent, that they list it under May for the lower fee.
JoanG wrote:
It's like waiting to see how high a stock will climb before telling your broker to sell it smiling smiley

Very funny! But I have another good gas MSP here, so I don't hold my breath for CORI. and they're still reimbursing for only $1 worth of gas. Ritter does $5.
One of their tricks is to raise commissions at the end of the month, then
the software screws up the report so you have to wait to finalize the report usually after paying the a ;ong distance call. If you do not get unsassigned, they pay you the rate for early next month. I threatened to quit them over that one, but they backed off because they are short of shoppers here.

The best one of all was the shop where I arrivede as scheduled, entered the
building and had to leave wihout completeing the shop because the building
caught fire. The fire alarm went off and an announcement to evaculate came
over the lound speaker. I reported that and they said they would reschedule it for me,then gave the shop to someone else.They were going to downgrade my
shop rating until I had the fire chief in that town call them and explain
that it was the law that I had to evacuate and that there really was a fire. There was an electrical fire on the roof.
Someone posted a list of mystery shopping companies. I looked it over
and wanted to follow up, but I can' find it again. Would whoever posted it,
I have had problems with reports also, and notified them immediately, but not just with that company. I dont know why someone doesnt try to initiate one form that can be used for reporting to all these companies, that way we can become familiar with a report and it would save us all a lot of time, and increase our earnings per hour. It amazes me as to what they pay for some of these jobs,I dont know how they set there pay per job, but your right John if you figure your pay plus the time to do the report, one isnt working for very much money, and then to not to be able to send the report or to lose it is just nerve racking.
The shops around here start at $4 each at the beginning of the month. The gas jobs require at least 4 photos and up to 8. They want good photos or you risk losing the pay. These are mystery shops, so you have to be very discreet. The $4 is not worth the time and wear and tear on your camera, let alone the computer time. I usually wait untill the last of the month when the jobs are going for $18-$25 each. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I did get a phone call on Dec. 28 about two jobs that they would pay $40 each. Since I was going to be in the area anyway on Jan 1, I took them. The photo requirements changed on the first of the year, and I got a snippy e-mail from the photo editor about missing photos. I pointed out that they were were 2007 jobs, not 2008 and got paid. Any time there is a problem of ANY kind, the auditor is screwed since tech support is non existent. Any reminders that you receive come after the deadline. I tend to believe this is so you don't get paid and they have all the information and they can still turn the job in.
Hi tomm2558,

you are absolutely right.
This morning at 4am I saw some rural jobs for $20, and I said to myself, lets wait untill tomorrow, because I did them last month for $20 to $26.
Guess what, at 10 am they were gone. ???!!! Was I too gready???

Sometimes I think, they take them off the list, to be able to put them back on the list the next month with lower fee.

6 out of 10 gas station jobs, they never receive the pictures or the receipt.
I never got a response to my e-mail, that they should check with their technicians.

Most of the time, I only take them, when I go to town and need gas, so it pays for my other job's travel expense.
well well, alot of comments. Makes me glad!! I have done shops for CRI for over a year now, and I have NEVER had any of the problems that are being discussed. I have alway gotten a high grade on my reports, and no tech difficulties. I do wait towards the end of the month to get that higher fee, and I even email my scheduler and tell her I will do so and so job for this amount, and they usually agree, because they need the job done. They dont slide it onto next month, because these jobs need done EVERY month.Thats why you see it in the next months job list. If you dont like what they pay, MAKE THEM AN OFFER!! I made an offer today for 50 bucks apiece for two seperate jobs that needs done and they accepted it. I guess it depends on where you live. I am in a pretty rural area and they get desperate towards the end of the month....
I have been doing Corporate Research jobs for the past month and they pay quick, even if their pay is not as good per job as some of the other sites. I have not had a problem with their website, and my reports have always come back completed. I tend to plan these jobs around the high rate jobs with the other firms, but the bottom line is, if you do not like the pay, don't take the job.
Looks like I opened a can of worms when I first brought up CRI.If they can afford
to pay $25 to $50 for a shop they want to get done for $3 to $5, I wonder
what they are chargning their clients. Makes you think doesn't it ?
Yes it does. If these shoppers keep taking the jobs at 4 bucks a pop, well, imagine the profit they are making if they are willing to go for 50. Last year, they were do desperate, theu OFFERED me 65 to go do a gas station 50 miles away. Now thats putting thier money where thier mouth is. 4
Hello there,

I don't remember who it was who went the ladder up and complaint, and from there it went fine.
Hello there - if you read this, tell me were to go.

On Friday last week I did 10 gas stations. Today I get the message, that they didn't get any pictures - none.
I checked every file, I got a confirmation # and the report print out shows that the files went thru.
Any advise??
I am at the end, 20 jobs went fine, but 30 jobs they never got pictures or receipts, even so I could see the receipts on the bottom of the home page very clear. And also I couldn't do the report if they wouldn't have gotten the receipt, because it doesn't open the report window unless you upload the receipt first.

Whenever I send an e-mail to talk to the techs, I never get an aswer.

Yes they pay fast - but what trouble!!!!
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