apartment shop for $40

I think I am getting picky. I saw an apartment shop listed that paid $40. Red flags went up when I read the detail that I needed to call ahead to assess the phone service. It said make no more than 3 calls per day. After the 5th time leave a voice mail and wait for reply- if none contact scheduler- made me think I would be playing phone tag. Obviously needed to leave real name and number. Then go to the place for a tour. Have a reason for moving, where you learned of the place, then make up some objections to renting. Then wait 7 days for follow up. The shop report form seemed VERY long and detailed for $40. It had something like 8 sections with narratives required for each. The shop was only 7 miles from my home which was not super far- but after seeing what was involved I cancelled. The form also seemed to imply that you were to take someone with you, as it asked who you took and what their relationship to you was. Not sure I am getting picky- when I cancelled it asked why and I checked not what I expected.. My husband looked over what was required and thought it was not worth it in terms of time calling, on site and then waiting for follow up. Anyone have any thoughts?

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I was being paid $40 in 2004 for apt. shops. My minimum today is $60 for non-targetted visits with a max distance of 40 mls. round trip. I then begin increasing my fees predicated upon the conditions of weather, recordings, distance, peculiar situations and known report repetition.

As to your decision to cancel, unless you were misled, which definitely occurs in this business, I disagree. You committed and should have "sucked it up" and worked the shop. You would have greatly profited from the standpoints of reputation and personal satisfaction.
It does sound like what other threads have talked about phone tag problems.

Was this for Ellis, EPSM?

Their reports are very repetitive asking for the same information in several different sections. Their shops usually start at $40 near me but do get nice bonuses eventually.

I haven't done any of their shops in about a year, but would do them if they get bonused. Other MSCs I've done apartment shops for have easier reports with less narrative and repetition.
Remington also offers apartment shops. The scheduler is great about giving the target's work hours. On the other hand, the report is done in the Sassie platform.

EPMS, their report format is much easier and doesn't time out after 30 minutes. Unfortunately, they do not have current information for their targets. One time, my target was someone in maintenance.

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Targeted shops can be very difficult, since sometimes the target is not the leasing agent, so even if you ask for them they will just transfer you to the leasing agent. Sometimes the target is the manager, who does not handle leasing.
Also, if you have to ask for the target by first name, there may be two people in the office with that first name.

I talked to, set an appointment with and did a tour with a person, only to have the shop rejected because that person was not the target. The target only worked part time on the weekends.
And sometimes the listed name is their full name, when they go by a nickname, which is a dead giveaway when the shopper asks for them by their full name.
I've done apartment shops for Grace Hill, and I like their shops, but they start at $30 and have a 9 month rotation.

They also have audio and video recorded shops that pay much more than $30, I think $120 for video shops.

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If a targeted shop, I look for ones that tell you ahead of time call XXX on XX date or XX works on XX days. That helps to reduce the phone tag or possibility of reaching someone other than the target.

Targeted apartment shops can be more complex than many of the standards out there. After doing a few, you get the rhythm down on what to look for and write.

I do like them when the pay is right. No cash oulay and all profit except gas and your time. I typically only do ones close to home.
I do EPMS (Ellis) shops frequently. But only when they’re bonused. After 12 years with them, I have pretty much memorized the “Telephone, Greeting, Identifying Needs, Demonstration, Closing, Executive Summary” order of narration required at this point.

As soon as I get into my car and leave, I find a Starbucks or grocery store lot and use my cellphone Voice To Text to dictate the required narratives into my Notes app on my phone. I photograph the marketing materials, upload them on the spot.

Then, once home, I copy/paste it all into the report form. Boom, done, all for about two hours of work on my way home from teaching, between 3:30-5:00 pm.

I made $650 in December and I’m on track to do $720 in January 2023. It’s painless for me to the point where I’ve been known to pick up some super bonuses when I’m on vacation and there are remote locations that are languishing on the EPMS board.

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@SueW70 - if this was for Ellis, you do not bring someone. That question is always there to make sure you did the shop correctly. Yes, they ask who came and the relationship. You never bring anyone, so you answer NONE and N/A, for those questions, consecutively. And their reports are too long and repetitive, like another stated. But they have one new format for one particular client that is super fast with no Executive Summary and little narrative.
@purpleicee wrote:

. But they have one new format for one particular client that is super fast with no Executive Summary and little narrative.

Perhaps they hired a new person who realized the reports were repetitious and streamlined it for their new client instead of just reusing the same old tired report?
I wish they would just do that for all their clients. Yes, that whole report process they use is very old and tired. I will say they are a reputable company and good at what they do and the schedulers and editors are very respectful and polite in their correspondence.
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