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They are another that takes their time, I'm waiting on an oil change payment...I say they take 3 months, but, they do pay.

Live consciously....
I'm sure you aren't. I had no May shops with them but I would not even start looking for payment before mid July. Often it is a solid 3 months before I have been paid. They aren't referred to as Service Sloth for nothing!
This is the first time that I've ever had a payment not arrive within 2 months. I usually get paid every other month. Oh well. Thanks
I just got a payment on 06/22/2011 for a shop I did in April. Right now I have 1 shop in may and 2 in june to be paid. They do pay and the check is always good. If you plan anead you won/t be surprised when you get your money.
Is anyone getting low scores on their reports because the quotation marks were question marks? I've done two reports lately and the reveiwer said they had to change all of the question marks into quotation.
They are famous for loving to lower your grades, low pay, slow pay, rough grading...I do their oil changes and a restaurant I enjoy. I wish they would change the pay schedule, by the time I get paid, my car needs another oil change.

Live consciously....
Irene_L.A. Wrote:
> They are famous for loving to lower your grades,
> low pay, slow pay, rough grading...I do their oil
> changes and a restaurant I enjoy. I wish they
> would change the pay schedule, by the time I get
> paid, my car needs another oil change.

No. I've been doing shops for them for about two years now and never had this many low reports. The reveiwer keeps telling me I'm using question marks for quotation marks. Like I'd just turn stupid on them?
I've certainly never had that feedback. That sounds like a browser/report software conflict. I use Firefox for them. I have not received less than a 10/10 since 2008 when they tore apart a shop claiming grammar, punctuation and detail errors when I reported on an oil shop that failed to get the oil plug in tight.

The oil flowed all over my driveway (I included photos with the email follow up) and took a couple of big bags of Kitty Litter to absorb and clean up. We had oil at the house so I tightened the plug, refilled the crankcase and went back to the site to complain. The site insinuated I was just trying to burn them for a new engine. Based on the oil slung all along the undercarriage, even a fool would know that I had been driving with a loose oil plug. I was not even offered my next oil change free. All of this was reported and I was the one who got my report nit-picked and low scored. Never did THAT location again!
They slaughtered me on my oil change 3 months age, because it was raining (rare for L.A), and the car wash was closed. I had a 48 hour rain check, but it rained for days, so, I could NOT get my car washed. Report was accepted (not happily), and I received a 7, they said they had to email me to see when I would do car wash. Talk about pushing a problem over the edge (on their part).

Live consciously....
I know they just went to Prophet software. Could that be what's causing it? You would think they would give me the benefit of the doubt that I just didn't get stupid. I never had this problem and is mine or theirs?
Weird. My jobs were selected and reported on a SASSIE site. I was not even aware they had a Prophet site.
I work on their Sassie site as well, never saw them connected to Prophet.

Live consciously....
I was just on their Sassie site. I also didn't hear anything about them using Prophet. I was not paid for my April assignments yet though. I thought that as of late they were paying at 60 days.
Taken from their Sassie site:

"Shops completed in February 2011 will be paid by May 6th or sooner."

The site also list the email address of who to contact of you have not been paid.

Looks like they are keeping with the 'around 90 days' schedule that they have always paid me on. This MSC seems pretty reputable, despite their long pay cycle.
I am going to forget they owe me money if they aren't paying my June shop until September. Geeez!!
That is why you keep records, so you know who still owes you that you need to get after. Of the companies I work with, my shop sheets show clearly that Service Sloth is almost always the last to pay. Right now my May sheet is still open awaiting Ath and Service With Style--who are both also slower payers but evidently on track for their pay cycles.
I just received an email saying my email account has been de-actived. I just did an oil change and another job. I wrote back asking of the problem, waiting to hear. I have been on the site, and can apply for jobs...what is going on.

Live consciously....
Irene, what ever happened with this one? I don't work for them much, but they do have some shops that I like.
I finally got two of my reports back - slaughtered me! They want me to explain a bunch of my negative comments on one of the reports...looking back at it, I'm not sure what more I can say.

I've only ever had good feedback/remarks from all the other companies. A few 9/10's, but everything else was good. Had to clarify a few answers, and I'm very on top of getting that done ASAP.
My work email was spammed, that's what caused the email, but I wrote and we are good...just a PITA. Yahoo is easy to spam, but I can't change. AustinMom Wrote: email
> Irene, what ever happened with this one? I don't
> work for them much, but they do have some shops
> that I like.

Live consciously....
Was going to sign up with this MSC but decided against it due to the problems with pay seasoned MSs seemed to have with the company.

Ironic, it would not be acceptable to wait for a customer to pay for an oil change three months from the date of service. Payment is due when service is rendered. The only company waiting to be paid would be a credit card company if customer paid by credit card.
"Sleuth" pays slow but I loved doing their movie theatre; So easy peasy!

Unlike Service Check, whom I did not enjoy that movie theatre visit AT ALL because of the ___________and refuse to do another one for them....
UnderCover - the "problem" with pay seasoned MSs seem to have is just that it takes right around 90 days to get paid. They tell you that up front, though, so I don't see it as a "problem." I just know it's gonna be 3 months to get paid. Basically all the other reports are "I get paid, it just takes 3 months." So, if you see a shop you like, by all means take it and you WILL get paid, it just will take longer than other companies. Your prerogative.
They had a burger place I loved (Steve, are you listening), I see they lowered
their age requirement to we go again. Maybe they think we don't have teeth, who doesn't love a good burger....between losing this one and not
doing the oil changes, not much left for me.

Live consciously....
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